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Can 50cc Mopeds Go On Dual Carriageways?

Can 50cc Mopeds Go On Dual Carriageways?

When you buy a 50cc moped from Direct Bikes, you are buying a guarantee of excellence. One thing that you might not be sure about, though, is where you can drive a 50cc moped. With a 50cc moped from our store, you can find that you are buying something very safe and easy to ride. What you will be buying, though, is a moped that is dependent on what you can do with your own driving license. For example, can 50cc mopeds go on dual carriageways?

The main issue that you might have when choosing to ride a 50cc moped is making sure it’s suited to your lifestyle. For example, if you need to do a lot of motorway riding then you might need something more powerful. Even with a full driving license, for example, you are not allowed on the motorway with a 50cc moped. If you wish to drive on the moped, you need to make sure you are using at least a 125cc scooter.

You should NOT use the motorway if you are:

  • Driving on a provisional license – this is NOT allowed on a provisional driving license.
  • Are riding on a motorbike/moped with an engine capacity below 50cc.

Given your top speed will be just 30mph at 50cc, you cannot move quickly enough to be on the motorway. To ride a scooter on the motorway you need to be riding at least 125cc. So, if you think that your daily commute will see you having to use motorways a lot, then you should avoid going for a 50cc scooter.

With a top speed of 30mph, you are putting yourself (and others) in danger if you flaunt this rule. The road regulations state that a 50cc motorway is simply not going to be powerful enough if you wish to ride on a motorway. If you wish to go on the motorway, you have to ride something a touch more powerful.

If you choose to go on the motorway at 50cc, you could run into some legal issues. Since you are breaking the law by doing so, you could be prosecuted for doing so.

Can 50c mopeds go on dual carriageways?

Yes, they can. Since the speed limits and the intensity of riding on a dual carriageway is somewhat relaxed, you can handle riding on the motorway here a bit easier. Keep that in mind as you go ahead and make your choice about the chosen vehicle you would like to ride. All of our 50cc mopeds can be driven on a dual carriageway so long as you are careful and conscious of other riders.

In terms of the motorway, though? We cannot recommend that you try and tackle the motorway. Even with a full driving license, your top speed is not going to be fast enough. So, try and avoid using the 50cc scooter that you own/are going to buy on a motorway. In terms of riding on the dual carriageway, though?

You can do that. If you need any help in working out what you can/cannot do with a 50cc moped from our store, we are just a call away. Let us know what information you need, and we’ll be more than happy to supply it.

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