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Buy 125cc Motorbike UK

Buy 125cc Motorbike UK

  1. Buy 125cc Motorbike Uk
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    125cc Thunderblade Motorcycle


    £85 /month* klarna
  2. 125cc Assassin Motorcycle
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    125cc Assassin Motorcycle


    £111 /month* klarna

For anyone intent on buying a motorbike, one thing that might put you off (rightly) is the cost. Being blunt, getting into motorbiking means having deep pockets - if you only look in the wrong type of places. Really, the main cost of getting into biking is the bike itself. And if you buy your bike from the right sources and vendors, you will not be paying quite so much in the first place. We offer 125cc motorbike finance if you need help financially. So, if you are looking to buy a 125cc motorbike in UK dealerships, you need to know what you should be looking for. The main questions that you should be looking to cover should include:

  • How much should my bike cost me? Does it fit within my budget?
  • How many years do I anticipate using this bike for? Is it long-term?
  • How much driving experience do I have when it comes to riding a bike?
  • What kind of speeds would I like to go at when I get on my bike?
  • Can I afford to run my bike in terms of tax, insurance, and petrol costs?
  • Where can I take my bike? Where do I intend to use my bike in the future?

If you cover all of the above, you should have a much better idea about what kind of bike you want to buy. However, we want to focus on one of the questions there - the speed that you would like to drive it. This is the most important decision here.

Speeds for a motorbike

If you are intending on buying a motorbike, then you need to pay attention to the Cubic Centimetre (CC) size of the engine. The CC is the engine size and it will determine how fast the vehicle can go. The most common two speeds you will see for a beginner would be 50cc and 125cc.

For the most part, 125cc motorbikes are the best place to start. While 50cc bikes are great for beginners, their speed cap of around 30mph can feel just a touch too slow for you. You want to be able to pick up plenty of pace on the road, so you want to naturally buy a motorbike that gives you the kind of speed levels that you would have expected. That's a big reason why you should perhaps look at going for another bike up the ladder and invest in a 125cc engine instead.

What is a 125cc motorbike? Why is it useful for me?

The main reason to invest in a 125cc bike is that they can give you more speed without being too fast. Nobody wants to feel overwhelmed when riding butriding a 125cc motorbike can make that so. If you worry that you might be driving too fast, a 125cc bike gives you enough time to slow down. Go to a 250cc bike, though, and you can often find that you are going too fast to stop in a meaningful way.

Indeed, most 125cc motorbikes are actually automatic in terms of transmission. This means that you can easily stop the bike when you want and use the speed to your advantage. You can stop going so fast with the 'Twist and Go' nature of most 125cc motorcycles. This means no longer do you have to worry about being distracted by the gear changing factor that puts many drivers off.

While 125cc bikes are useful for you, the most useful thing is the cost of training. As mentioned above, going for a bigger bike might cost you more in both training and in biking costs. Let's look at why.

125cc bikes are CBT applicable

The main reason why you can drive 50-125cc bikes for less is the cost of your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) exam. With the help of this exam, you can condense basic bike training into a single day. Even if you know nothing about driving, you can learn enough in one afternoon on your CBT test to know what you are doing.

With your CBT exam, you can set everything up to go with relative ease. You can pass your theory and practical tests, and this gives you all the information that you need to drive. For 2 years, you can use that your CBT license to go anywhere apart from motorways.

This allows for you to enjoy a methodical kind of driving at speeds of up to 60mph. So long as you have your CBT and a provisional bike driving license, you can pass everything and get ready to drive in just one day. This also means that you can do and buy a vehicle, get it insured and taxed, and start driving around as you would have wanted.

That's why, if you want to buy a 125cc motorbike UK residents should consider 125cc bikes.

What about when I want to go to my full license?

The full DAS motorbike license that you need to get would cost you around £500 in total. This is quite a strenuous exam, but one that you should have little issue passing if you put in the time to study. They are fun for making sure you can learn about the full aspect of driving. You will then have the chance to drive with a passenger and to go on the motorways of the UK with no issue.

You will also have the chance of going on a bike larger than 125cc should you ever choose to. They are going to help you make sure you can become a proper driver. The best way to learn is to by doing, and with your CBT you can do plenty. This allows you to learn, grow, and develop exactly as you would have intended. The end result? A license that allows you to drive your 125cc bike and beyond.

If you are intent on learning how to drive, you should definitely look at bikes in the 50-125cc range. For their variety and affordability, they make the best gateway access to become a full-time driver.

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