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Buy 125cc

Buy 125cc

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If you are going to buy a vehicle today from Direct Bikes, you have many options to pick from. The vehicle industry is wide and varied, with different kinds of models to pick from all across the various styles. From large four-wheel cars and vans to dainty two-wheel mopeds, you can go from the little to the large, the big to the small, in relatively no time at all. At Direct Bikes, we are proud to have access to some of the best mopeds, scooters, and motorbikes that you are likely to find on the roads of the United Kingdom today.

We have numerous models to pick from, with different styles built to suit different lifestyles. The most important determining factor when buying from us, though, is the engine size. Our two major engine sizes are 50cc and 125cc. If you wish to buy something that can handle the pace of the A roads in the UK, you should look to buy 125cc. When you choose to go down that route, you are buying a vehicle that:

  • Can provide you with a top speed of 60 miles per hour, giving you increased top speed.
  • Gives you choice over the transmission. Do you prefer Automatic? Or Manual?
  • Offers alternatives in the look and the style of the body and shape of the model.

If you would like to buy a 125cc motorbike or scooter, then you should definitely take a look at our collection today. The Direct Bikes collection is growing all the time, offering you exceptional value for money and rapid delivery of any of the models you choose.

Why should I ride a 125cc model?

One of the main reasons that we recommend you look to go for a 125cc scooter or bike at Direct Bikes is the speed factor. Although many riders can easily find 50cc mopeds to be fast enough for general inner city riding, 125cc mopeds are much faster. They give you a top speed of up to 60 miles per hour. That’s more than suitable for both inner-city and cross-country riding.

We also have some models that can go faster than that, such as our new and improved 125cc Sport RS. This is a very popular model of bike; one that gives you an excellent top speed of a whopping 68mph, too!

That’s why you should look to use a 125cc model.If you need more top speed, you might need to step it up from the standard 50cc model most start with.

Are you a brand new rider? Then don’t let engine speed put you off making a choice. It’s not a huge deal, and it’s not something that you should take too seriously if this is your first model. If you wish to buy 125cc though, you should definitely be taking a look at the various models that we have on sale for you here today.

We have plenty of options for you to look at, and each option should make it quite easy for you to find your own style. Every bike and scooter we have at 125cc in engine power has its own unique style.

Some will be suited to professional purposes, such as delivery driving, while others will be more suited to long distance riding. Others offers you higher top speed than alternative models. Riding a 125cc model, though, will give you a bike that is more than fast enough for any kind of legal driving in the United Kingdom.

Should I buy a scooter or a motorbike?

We speak to many riders who want to buy one of our 125cc models but aren’t sure if a moped or a bike is suited to their needs. We want to try and help you make the decision a little easier, so we recommend that you take the following into account:

  • With a scooter, you will most likely be capped at 60 miles per hour. With some of our motorbikes, though, you can buy 125cc models that can go much faster than this.
  • With a scooter, too, you are buying something that might be more suited to passenger riding. All our scooters and bikes come with passenger seating.
  • When you choose to invest in a bike, you are investing in something with a bit more acceleration and overall raw power than a 125cc scooter. Do you need the extra power?
  • Scooters tend to have somewhat more storage space onboard, so keep that in mind. If you think that you might need some storage space, you might require a scooter instead.
  • The price comes into it, as well. With a scooter, you will often pay a little less and see a slight increase in terms of the mileage that you receive.

Of course, every bike and scooter should be taken on its own merits. Not sure what to think about when looking at our various models? Then let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you make a choice here at Direct Bikes!

Why buy from Direct Bikes?

With so many places to buy bikes and scooters from on our site, where would you like to start? We’ve got some excellent variety models to pick from. Our models are all:

  • 100% brand new, so you know that you are buying a model that is going to keep its condition and its value for a long to come.
  • 1-year protected with our unlimited mileage warranty. This gives you total peace of mind for the first year of your riding experience.
  • Designed to give you an all-purpose experience, making sure that both beginners and veterans can find enjoyment from driving around on one of our scooters or motorbikes.
  • Manufactured in China, ensuring that they have gone through the most particular and stringent evaluation to ensure every part of the bike is in complete working order.
  • Structured to give you the best chance of paying for the bike, with help with booth scooter finance and scooter insurance to ensure you can get your bike paid for ASAP.

If you aren’t sure about what model to pick from, then contact us today. We can show you which of our 125cc models would be a good choice for you. All that you need to do is let us know what you are struggling with in terms of choice, and we can help you to break down the decision. From the price to the mileage, the suitability for your profession or your day-to-day needs, we’ll make sure you make the right purchase. So, if you want to buy 125cc, you should do so through our team at Direct Bikes!

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