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Brighton and Hove Scooters

Brighton and Hove Scooters

Brighton and Hove Scooters

If there's one thing Brighton and Hove is famous for, it’s the stunning seaside view this city offers. Now, you can explore every nook of this stunning city as you wish by simply owning a scooter. Owning a scooter in Brighton and Hove is the most convenient way to be mobile and take in the breathtaking view of this beautiful city.

Why You Should Own a Scooter in Brighton and Hove

Price: Owning a scooter in Brighton and Hove is a lot cheaper than owning a car which is a more expensive option.

Faster in Traffic: Scooters offer easy manoeuvrability to enable you to get out of traffic faster than other vehicle owners.

Parking: Since scooters are smaller than most other vehicles, you can park them almost anywhere and save more on parking costs.

Fuel Efficiency: Scooters consume less fuel than cars and can run for several days on little fuel.

Why You Should Buy One of Our Scooters

Price: At Direct Bikes, our scooters are unarguably the cheapest on the market. Also, we offer the best finance options to make owning a scooter in Brighton and Hove easy.

Insurance: We also help our clients get the best scooter insurance deals on the market.

Design: Direct Bikes offers scooters of varying sizes, styles and colours and that is customisable to suit your needs or preference.

Getting Your Scooter

You probably know we don’t have a dealership in Brighton and Hove but trust us to get your scooter to you anywhere you are in this city. All we require is your delivery information, and your scooter will be right in front of you just when you need it.