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50cc Moped for Sale UK

50cc Moped for Sale UK

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Are you looking into alternative forms of transport to get you around the United Kingdom? Then you are not alone. Many Britons are looking to finally trade in their cars and get something more environmentally and economically friendly. And it makes sense; cars are becoming too expensive to drive. Unless you need the storage space for products or people, why do you need a car?

For one, driving a car often means spending all afternoon and evening stuck in traffic. If you would like to avoid that irritant, then you should take a look at Direct Bikes. Why? Because they have a fine collection of 50cc mopeds for sale UK drivers can pick up immediately.

What is a 50cc moped?

50cc mopeds are among the smallest engine size that you can legally drive on the roads of the United Kingdom. With an engine that is 50 Cubic Centimetres in size, this is the ideal moped for anyone looking for something small but fast. You can find various mopeds in this size profile to pick from, too, which should give you ample opportunity to buy a model that you like. The main problem that you are likely to have when buying a 50cc moped is picking a good quality of model.

To help you make a choice that you are happy with, we’ve got some of the best options for a 50cc moped for sale UK drivers could buy today. What, then, are some popular 50cc moped models?

The 50cc Scooter

The most common starting point for anyone looking at Direct Bikes and their stock will be the 50cc scooter. The basic name means buying a scooter that arrives ready to be used exactly as you would have wanted. A small scooter that comes with a sporty layout and a slick design, it’s the ideal choice for any beginner rider.

A 50cc scooter like this is good for a beginner as it uses a fully Automatic transmission. This means that you can avoid having to spend time learning about how to use a gearbox. This will also mean that you are buying a scooter that is good for driving around on and getting used to driving basics. It’s made to be without too much extra on top; a simple, stylish, all-purpose 50cc scooter.

With a top speed of 30mph, it’s great for cruising and most forms of residential driving.

The Ninja

Want something a bit sleeker? Then pick up the race-inspired 50cc Ninja. Many people who choose to ride a 50cc scooter will find the Ninja is a great pick due to its intelligent layout. It’s got a solid 50cc four stroke engine and offers ample storage space under the seat. Most 50cc mopeds can be lacking in either engine power or storage space. The Ninja, though, avoids having to make you choose.

The Ninja is also available in numerous colour schemes, too, so you can pick up one that feels like a good fit for you personally. It’s a big reason why we would recommend the Ninja to any rider looking for something nice and simple. If you are looking for a scooter that is easy to drive, then you should look to the Ninja. It’s especially useful for young drivers looking to learn.

The Retro

Retro does mean retro in this case, and this old-school scooter is a fine choice for any driver. It’s become a very good quality choice of device for anyone who wants to drive a classic scooter. Although it uses a 4-stroke instead of a 2-stroke engine, much of its driving style while remind old scooter riders of the ‘good old days’. For new riders looking for something akin to the classic models, you’ll find the Retro makes a fine choice. Indeed, it’s arguably the best 50cc moped for sale UK drivers can find that matches up with an old-school retro model.

With various colour schemes to pick from, too, you can choose a design that feels totally suited to your own personal taste. For those who want to buy a moped that avoids excessive flair and retains old-school driving efficiency, look at the Retro today.

The Milan

Another popular retro-inspired model is the classic Milan. The Milan is one of the best 50cc mopeds for sale in the UK today due to its classic style. It could be used for cruising around town, or it could be used for a trip out of town. Like all 50cc mopeds, it might not be 100% suited to motorway driving. However, it’s a perfectly legal motorway-ready vehicle. So long as you are careful, it will handle the motorways without a single piece of stress.

The Milan is a good choice if you are looking for a scooter that can pick up to its 30mph top speed rapidly. A 4-stroke motor allows this to fly up the speeds, and the Twist & Go transmission ensures that this is very easy to drive indeed. If you have been looking out for a vehicle that can make scooter riding easy, look at the Milan.

Buying from Direct Bikes

All of the above scooters are from Direct Bikes, one of the leading names in UK scooter sales. Why? Because they have created a brand of top quality mopeds for sale across the United Kingdom. Direct Bikes scooters and mopeds are commonly seen on the roads of the United Kingdom. From students heading back home to professionals looking for a cheap travel option, Direct Bikes has bikes for every kind of rider.

Throw in their excellent scooter finance program, and you can easily make riding a bike an affordable reality. They have some great options to look at, and some very impressive models for fair prices. With most of their 50cc scooters starting at just £999, you could get a great value purchase from Direct Bikes. Add in their cost-effective delivery scheme and picking up a scooter really has never been easier. So, why not take a look at what Direct Bikes has for sale this year?

You might just find a model that feels totally suited to your own budget and needs. Take a look at all of the 50cc mopeds in this list, and you’ll be sure to find a model you can drive for years to come.

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