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50cc Motorbikes for Sale

50cc Motorbikes for Sale

  1. 50cc Motorbikes For Sale
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    125cc Thunderblade Motorcycle


    £85 /month* klarna
  2. 125cc Assassin Motorcycle
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    125cc Assassin Motorcycle


    £111 /month* klarna

For anyone who resides in a big city, getting around via car can feel like a real stress. Buying a car often feels like a waste of money to people living in major cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, and London. Why? Because getting around via car is very expensive. Towns and cities are regularly packed with traffic. This means driving can be quite a confusing prospect. You can spend a lot of time driving around without really moving too far. However, so long as that engine is on you are already burning petrol. Instead of spending so much of your petrol bill stuck in traffic, why not take a look at some 50cc motorbikes for sale?

What does a 50cc motorbike do?

A 50cc motorbike is more commonly referred to as a moped or a scooter. Typically, 50cc engines are going to give you a power output of around 30 miles per hour top speed. However, acceleration is often very impressive with such a model. You can soon fly up the speedometer and reach your top speed without too much encouragement.

This allows you to drive around comfortably, knowing that you are making good progress without going too fast. At 50cc, you are going to have enough power for driving around based in a residential area. With a bike like this, you will find it much easier to locate where you are going. It’s going to ensure you can cruise through town without wasting petrol.

Why is a 50cc motorbike so fuel efficient?

The main reason comes from their minimal weight and build. With a car, you are often using a lot of petrol just to handle its size. With a 50cc scooter, you are often driving something that is quite dainty in size. As such, it’s not very likely to be a problem for you to control. You’ll be able to handle it with ease, and it will always go in the direction that you ask.

With a car, though, you are driving something far less stable. Add in the weight factor, and you can soon see why the petrol costs of running a car can be so dubiously high. It will help you to understand just what you are paying your money for. It will also help you to understand the benefit of owning a bike that does not cost so much to run. At 50cc, then, you can expect fuel efficiency ratings well into the 100mpg range.

50cc motorbikes for sale: perfect for residential journeys

One thing you will find is that most 50cc motorbikes are perfect for trips around town. They are very easy to handle, and their city-friendly top speed makes them safe to drive. Given you need to really rev quite hard on your handlebars to reach 30mph of top speed, it’s easy to keep your speed level down and fair.

We ask that you try and look to buy a bike that is suited to the kind of riding that you wish to do. We find that most people who are sticking to driving in and around towns will find 50cc to be useful. It’s only really if you choose to step it up and ride on the motorways that a 50cc engine can soon feel insufficient.

50cc motorbikes are great for delivery jobs

If you are a delivery driver and you are sick of your car costing you so much in petrol, get one of the 50cc motorbikes for sale at Direct Bikes. They sell some truly excellent models; the kind that should make it nice and easy for you to reach your destination. It should allow you to pick up a model that offers far better fuel economy than the average car.

On top of that, it should be a model that you enjoy driving due to the simplicity. They are made to be easy to handle around corners, but also comfortable to use as you drive. You should not feel any lasting sense of discomfort if you choose to drive a 50cc motorbike.

They are designed to give everyone a bike that feels good to ride on whether you are making a short journey or travelling all day.

Can I have a passenger with a 50cc motorbike?

Yes, you can. However, please note that to have a passenger on any vehicle you must have your full driving license. You are not allowed to have a passenger on the back of any 50cc motorbikes for sale without a full license. While you can drive a 50cc bike with just a provisional and a completed Compulsory Basic Training exam, you cannot have a passenger.

Passenger lifts are reserved for those who are in full ownership of their driving license. If you would like to pick someone up on a moped at 50cc, then you have to get your full license. Once you do have your license, though, you can easily start driving on the roads of the United Kingdom with a passenger. You would also be allowed on motorways; something that you cannot do with a provisional driving license.

50cc motorbikes are great for education

For any young rider or inexperienced rider, buying a 50cc motorbike for sale makes a lot of sense. Despite being quite fast, they are by no means overly quick. It will give you enough speed to get through traffic easily in any city or town location. It will also give you enough time to react and correct any wrongs. Riding a motorbike means getting used to your angles on the road as well as your proximity to other cars.

With a 50cc motorbike from Direct Bikes, you can buy something that is easy to learn on. You can then build up confidence before perhaps moving on to a larger bike. Whatever you choose, though, be sure to look at 50cc motorbikes for sale. For residential and local driving, there is rarely a better option. Stay safe, keep your driving simple, and make sure that you can learn as you go. This is why so many drivers are now happy to tap into buying a 50cc motorbike today. It’s a great choice for riders who are looking for a stress-free introduction to biking, or who want a city-friendly vehicle to drive. Don’t keep wasting valuable pounds on wasted petrol in a car; buy a bike instead, and benefit from a more personal riding experience today.

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