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50cc for Sale

50cc for Sale

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When you want to get on the roads, you don’t need to settle for a car. At Direct Bikes, we help many people take their first steps into riding. By selling top quality mopeds, scooters, and bikes, we make sure you can get on the road as soon as possible.

For example, many people will look to buy one of our 50cc for sale scooters. If you choose to buy ascooter, you will find that our vast and varied collection makes doing so simple. The reason why so many choose to start out at 50cc simple. With a top speed of 30mph, 50cc is enough for those who are not commuting on a motorway or anything like that. If you have had your eye on a 50cc for sale, then you can easily buy from Direct Bikes today.

Simply choose a 50cc moped that you like, and click ‘Add to Cart’. We can then quickly and easily push the sale through for you and arrange delivery. Delivery often is managed within three days of receipt of payment, but we do offer next-day delivery for those in a rush.

What is a 50cc scooter?

A 50cc scooter is a moped that has been kept with an engine capacity of 50 cubic centimetres. This plays a huge role in determining just how fast your vehicle can be. It’s a big reason why we think you should look at getting a 50cc scooter from Direct Bikes if you are looking for something simple.

They are normally capped at a maximum speed between 28mph and 30mph. All Direct Bikes models can reach 30mph in speed. Like buying any other vehicle, though, the speed is just one factor that should come into your thinking as you move forward. Take a look at the specifications of any models sold on Direct Bikes, and you can easily buy a scooter that suits your needs.

How much should a 50cc scooter cost me?

Should you choose to buy from Direct Bikes, you can easily pick up a 50cc for sale starting at just £959. This gives you excellent value for money and should ensure that you can buy a brand new model for a comparatively small price.

If you take a look through our collection of bikes, you’ll easily find something suited to your budget. Direct Bikes can help you to find a 50cc for sale that would be perfectly aligned to your needs, too. From something vintage to something sporty, we’ll have a moped to suit. Take a look at our growing collection of 50cc scooters/mopeds, and you should have no problem finding a model that feels right for you.

Got any questions about our mopeds? Then do not hesitate to ask us. We can give you any additional information that you need. Every model has a full description and a specifications section on-site, though, so please check that out for any details you might need.

How much does a 50cc scooter cost to run?

Of course, buying your scooter is just part of the equation. If you choose to invest in a cost-efficient vehicle, then you should look to get a 50cc scooter. Buy from Direct Bikes, and you can expect to get as much as 100 miles per gallon from your vehicle – if not more!

As you can imagine, this is great fuel economy when you factor in the price of driving a vehicle today. Petrol costs are through the roof, so you should look to invest in a scooter that promises excellent mileage. Every model sold through Direct Bikes can provide you with this.

This is going to help you ensure that you can keep your costs down when you are buying your scooter. It will also ensure that the lifetime driving cost is going to be reduced. Given the sheer cost of petrol today, finding a 50cc for sale that can cut down on your costs is always a worthwhile investment.So, why not make a smart investment on your own behalf today and get a 50cc scooter from Direct Bikes?

It’s a good choice if your main issue is keeping your fuel costs down. This will help you to easily reach your destinations day-in, day-out without seeing your vehicle cost you so much. Running costs are a major consideration, and at Direct Bikes we think that is very important to overcome.

When do I need more than 50cc of power?

At Direct Bikes, we sell both 50cc and 125cc scooters. While 50cc vehicles are often fast enough for most traditional driving, we think the main reason to go up to a 125cc scooter would come from motorway driving.

If you need to start hitting the motorway on a regular basis, thena 50ccs engine will not to be enough. You are capped at a maximum of 30mph which would mean you would not have the top speed to compete on the motorway.

That is why we always recommend that you get a 50cc engine for scooting around locally and look for a 125cc engine if you wish to head onto the A roads of the UK. You have to think about what other drivers are doing, too; you would be going at around half the speed of most vehicles on the motorway.Keep in mind that it’s not permitted to drive on a UK motorway with a 50cc moped.

Therefore, it always pays to pick up a vehicle that is a little quicker. At Direct Bikes, we can help you to find the ideal option.

With 125cc though, you can reach speeds of 60mph. That is a big reason why we heavily recommend that you should look to get a 125cc engine if you need more power. Don’t try and take risks and put yourself or others at risk on the motorway. Instead, buy a faster scooter for those longer journeys. For the most part, though, our 50cc scooters will be more than suitable who is taking on some basic domestic driving.

Need some help in picking out the perfect vehicle? Then you need only let us know. Contact us today, and we can help you out with every aspect of the purchase from selection to payment and delivery. With delivery handled in just three working days, you can get yourself on the road and ready to ride in no time!

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