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125 Moped for Sale

125 Moped for Sale

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When you want to buy a moped, buying from Direct Bikes makes a lot of sense. With varied models to suit just about any kind of rider, we can help you to find the right moped just for you.

Just like cars, you have almost countless models, makes, and brands to pick from. Therefore, you should take the time to look at buying the right 125 moped for sale. At 125cc, you would be getting a moped that can hit speeds of 60 miles per hour.

We have numerous models for you to pick from, so be sure to look through our bike collection today. Got any questions about buying a 125 moped? Then let us know. Our team can put to bed any questions that you might have regarding the purchase of a moped.

Are you legally allowed to drive a 125 moped?

The first question we think you should cover is whether or not you are allowed to drive this kind of vehicle. To sit on top of a 125 moped from Direct Bikes, you need to have the following:

  • A fully active and in-date provisional driving license for bikes – get it via the Post Office.
  • A fully active and in-date Compulsory Basic Training pass from your instructor.
  • A moped that is either 50cc or 125cc in engine power – no more.
  • Fully visible and valid insurance and road tax for the moped of your choice.

Once you can prove that you have all of this, you are allowed on the road. With your CBT, you must wear L plates. You also cannot pick up a passenger, nor can you drive on the motorway. Outside of that, though, you can do anything you like with your moped!

Can I drive above 125cc?

Not without a full driving license, no. If your aim was to go on the road and the local roads alone, you can do so with a CBT. You can then buy and insure a scooter of your choice and use that for the journey. You will also find that a 125cc engine is your entire limit if you are only with a CBT. With a full driving license, you can go above 125cc – but 125cc+ scooters are few and far between. At Direct Bikes, all of our mopeds are suitable for someone riding on a CBT license.

How fast can I drive with a 125 moped for sale from Direct Bikes?

125 mopeds will allow you to hit a speed of around 60mph. While some 125cc mopeds can go beyond that speed, the majority will be locked and limited to just going at 125cc in pace. Every moped sold on Direct Bikes gives you the full speed and mileage specifications, so be sure to check them out.

Most of the 125cc models you look at will be a twist and go start-up, too. This means that it will be driven using an Automatic transmission. Keep that in mind, and you should find it a whole lot easier to get to grips with driving at 125cc.

They are normally easier to drive because they are automatic. If you step it up beyond 125cc, though, it’s more likely that you will be dealing with manual transmission. For beginners, you should concentrate on getting used to driving with accuracy and precision, staying safe on the road first and foremost. We sell both manual and automatic transmission mopeds at Direct Bikes. Each vehicle will specify whether or not it is Manual or Automatic.

How much should I pay for a 125 moped?

At Direct Bikes, all of our models start with excellent pricing. With our 50cc mopeds starting at just £959, we make breaking into the market very easy indeed.

If you are looking at the very lowest part of the market, you can buy 125cc mopeds for less than £500. However, these are often used, in medium condition, and tend to come with problems. Instead, your best bet is to buy directly from ourselves. Every model that we sell is 100% brand new and comes with no previous ownership. This means that so long as you insure and road tax your vehicle, and you have the right license, you could start driving it as soon as it arrives.

And with delivery managed in just three working days, we make sure that you can get your moped delivered ASAP!

Should I buy a new moped, then?

Yes, we recommend that you do. Buying a new 125 moped for sale from Direct Bikes means that you get a model that is:

  • Safe and never been driven before – it comes with everything approved, ready to go.
  • Without any mistakes or issues that means you won’t need to take it to a garage.
  • Free from physical wear and tear, meaning it should work perfectly.
  • Secured with a 1-year warranty that covers unlimited mileage.
  • Fuel efficient, meaning that you should spend less on running and powering your moped.

With that in mind, you should absolutely look to pick up a new moped from Direct Bikes as soon as you can get the chance.

Buying a new 125 moped for sale

The joy of buying a 125 moped is that you can find them on sale through our experts. This can help you to make great savings, ensuring that you always buy a brand new moped that’s road ready. This helps you to pick up a brand new bike that is perfectly suitable for riding on the road right away. Through Direct Bikes, we help many people get themselves on the road for the first time.

We sell to both new riders and to more experienced riders. With a 125 moped, you can easily cover just about any journey in the United Kingdom. Some things are better to be purchased brand new, and 125 mopeds are one of those things.

Take a look at our collection today, and you should find it very easy to pick out a moped that you like. Need a hand making that crucial choice? The let our team know. Contact us today, and we can give you all the help that you need to make sure you add the right scooter to your cart!

And with payment handled securely and promptly, we can arrange and organise delivery for you as soon as payment is received. For a quick and simple solution to buying a moped, then, use Direct Bikes.

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