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125cc Mopeds for Sale

125cc Mopeds for Sale

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Are you thinking of buying a new method of transport? Many people today are sick of driving a car. In fact, unless you need the storage and passenger space buying a car is often not what you need. If your whole aim is to buy a simple, easy to manage, and simple to run vehicle then you should buy a moped. Many see mopeds as something aimed at teenagers and kids. How fair is that, though? Is that really true?

We don’t think so, and we’ll break down why that is just below.

Mopeds are for kids, but for everyone else too

A big thing to note is that mopeds are for everyone. Yes, you could start driving a moped when you are just 16. With so many 125cc mopeds for sale today, you could begin your journey at 16. All that you need to do is get your provisional bike riding license. Then, you need to go and pass your CBT – Compulsory Basic Training. Is it hard? Yes. Is it needed? Absolutely, both legally and for your own safety.

CBT trains you with every part of the process that you need to be able to grasp and understand. It will play a leading role in making sure you can buy 125cc mopeds that are suited to your skill level. By passing both the practical and the theory, you could start riding as young as just sixteen. However, you could sit your CBT at any age after 16. It’s not limited to only 16-year-olds; anyone could sit it. It’s normally the go-to test for those looking to learn without having much prior driving knowledge.

What can I do with a CBT license?

For two years, you can drive on the roads of the UK as if you are a ‘real’ driver. You will be allowed to hit a top speed of around 28mph, too. This is more than enough for those who are looking to just learn how to drive and do so in a safe, controlled manner. If you are not looking to learn how to be a speed demon, your CBT is very useful.

Since your CBT will break down all of the major skills that one needs to drive with safety, it’s a big part of your riding education. You should therefore look to take the time to take on your CBT license. It will be the solution that you need to start picking up the basics of driving. And once you have the basics down, the advanced techniques aren’t far off!

Of course, you might decide to go for your full license. With this, none of the below would apply.

CBT license limitations

However, should you stick to your CBT, please note that you do have some limits. If you wish to buy one of the many 125cc mopeds for sale you see, you need to make sure you can drive it. While you could drive at 125cc powers on a CBT, it will not allow you to go maximum speed. Also, you are not allowed on the motorway in any circumstance whatsoever. It’s for that reason that we recommend you look to make the right choice. Do you need to go over motorways to get anywhere decent?

Then you might be better suited going for a full license instead. You will find that this is much more likely to allow you to get things done. You’ll can drive to the same rules and regulations as any other driver now. Please note that any CBT license holder also must keep their L plates on at all times.

Buying a 125cc moped for sale

A big part of buying such a moped is making sure you know what you are going to be paying. We recommend that you take into account the newness of your model. For example, shop around on a platform like eBay and you can find used 125cc mopeds for sale. Most of the time, though, used models will come with more than a few problems that you need to sort out.

We recommend that you consider buying a 125cc moped for sale that is brand new. Buying used means often having to use any of your ‘savings’ to cover repairs, servicing, and MOTs. With a new model, though, everything like this already arrives being completed for you. As soon as you get quality bike insurance and road tax, you are free to drive.

Buying brand versus non-brand

One thing you will find is that you have many branded and non-branded 125cc mopeds for sale. We recommend taking the time to look into the models that you are thinking of buying. This should give you the time that you need to work out what you are buying, and what it will mean for you. Buying a big name brand might make sense, but it’s not what we would recommend – not at first.

Instead, you should look at buying one of the many 125cc mopeds for sale at Direct Bikes. They have some absolutely excellent models; exactly the kind of bike that you would want to make your first purchase. Buying the right kind of bike is essential to making sure you can become the best driver that you can be. So, don’t always look to buy a brand name only!

Making the most of your CBT

When you get your CBT, you have two years to get used to driving. While you are capped in many ways compared to what you would be with other models, CBT licenses are great for learning on. Since you have your L plates on, too, other drivers are far more likely to give you the time and the leeway that you need.

That is why we fully recommend that if you want to make the most of your CBT license that you do so. The test is easy enough to grasp; even for total newbies to driving.Once you pass, it’s time to think about picking up a vehicle. You should look at the various 125cc mopeds for sale today, and pick up something perfectly suited to your needs.

Think about what you need to buy and what kind of bike would be best suited to you personally. Don’t make an impulse purchase.Buying a bike is a big decision. Consider brand, purchase price, and long-term value to you from a driving perspective. Only then are you likely to be happy with the decisions that you have made. Don’t rush it, though, and you’ll soon find the ideal 125cc moped for you.

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