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Scooter Prices UK

Scooter Prices UK

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When you are looking around for a new method of transport, one of the most common choices would be a scooter. At Direct Bikes, we help to pair many people up with their perfect driving instrument. Fun to drive and easy to get to grips with, a scooter from Direct Bikes is just what you have been looking for. With some of the best scooter prices UK riders will find anywhere in the country, too, we make riding cheap!

Our prices start at just £959 for a 50cc scooter, too. This ensures that you can get riding quickly, easily, and very effectively. So, why should you set your heart on getting a scooter?

Fun to drive and easy to control, scooters are brilliant fun. They are easy for you to control because they are so simple and so responsive in terms of handling. For drivers who would like to one day ride a bike, we would recommend that you look at riding some scooters first. What, though, are the standard scooter prices UK drivers can expect to pay?

It really does depend on what you buy

The first thing to note is what you buy will have a huge impact on what you pay. If you wish to drive a scooter in the UK, then you have to work out what you want to drive: used or new?

This is the main thing you want to think about. Buying a used scooter will naturally mean buying a scooter that might lack some of the features you would want. Used scooters are typically older but they are also typically going to be a brand name.

The main thing to look at, though, is what you want to buy in terms of newness. At Direct Bikes, we only sell brand new scooters. This let you know that your purchase is safe and comes with a proven brand reputation.

If you intend on buying a quality scooter, then you should be prepared to look around at models. Generally, though, if you wish to buy new then you will find the best deals through our service at Direct Bikes.

What about the brand?

Ah yes, branding. The one thing that can make a £1,000 scooter turn into a £3,000 scooter. Much like cars, you are often going to be paying for the badge. At Direct Bikes, we sell bespoke scooters built specifically for us. And with their excellent performance and quality designs, our bikes are often the go-to choice. Compared to paying through the nose for a ‘big’ brand, Direct Bikes gives you tremendous vehicles for a much more affordable price.

Our prices start at just £959, with our 125cc scooters starting at just £1,099. Compare that to the price you would pay for a medium condition brand name scooter, and it’s easy to see why so many choose Direct Bikes. Our bikes are top range quality, sold for budget prices!

Making the right decision for you

At Direct Bikes, we recommend that you look to set your scooter budget roughly to our price range. We’ve got some brilliant deals – for brand new scooters, you would struggle to beat our price range. However, buying a scooter from our team at Direct Bikes is only part of the conversation. You also need to think of the extra costs that can be accrued by owning a vehicle.

The first thing to do is set your budget, and then add about 10-20% on top of that budget for extra fees. These extras can be things like delivery of your vehicle if it was bought online, as well as things like scooter insurance and the like. Fear not, though; if insurance seems confusing then you need only contact us about the insurance policy you wish to take out. We can then help you to find the right policy, so that you can get your bike road ready.

With our bikes delivered in just three days after delivery, we look to get everything arranged prior to your bike arriving. You also need to get your scooter road taxed, so don’t forget about that or you can expect a letter from the DVLA through the door!

You should always look to buy something that is in your budget. For a first time scooter that is brand new, you should be looking to pay around £1,000 to £1,500. This would help you to cover our affordable delivery cost, as well as some of your tax and insurance. Our base models, though, start at just £959: some of the cheapest scooter prices UK riders will find anywhere!

While this is still a lot of money, with our scooter financeprogram you can often make it a more palatable fee to pay. You can borrow as much as £5,000 from us, and it’s repayable over a period as long as five years. Does that sound suitable to you? Then consider our scooters today.

With our long-lasting reputation within the scooter industry, we can make the challenging aspects of becoming a rider easier to overcome. Our expertise and knowledge of biking means that we can understand your questions and concerns. This will give you total understanding of what you are buying. On top of that, all of our scooters come with a 1-year warranty program included.

If you buy with warranty from Direct Bikes, you are covered for 1-year unlimited mileage. This means that you can ride your bike as much as you like and not need to worry about voided warranty. If you would like to go about buying a quality scooter today, then you need only take a look at our deals.

With some of the best scooter prices UK vendors can offer, we make sure you will spend far less & get much more. If you would like to own the best scooter for the price you can afford, take a look at our store today. At Direct Bikes, we pride ourselves on making buying a vehicle easy. So, let’s not make it needlessly challenging. Take a look at our scooters, and you’ll be certain to land a fantastic deal!

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