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New 125cc Motobikes for Sale

New 125cc Motobikes for Sale

Are you a driver? Then you might want to move from getting in the car to something a bit more nimble. For many UK drivers, moving around in a car can be cumbersome and expensive. Traffic can become a major issue if you are driving around in a car. You can find yourself spending time you don’t really have to sit in traffic and just wait for something to change. This means having the engine running all that time, burning away petrol.

On top of that, you can have some issues when it comes to buying a car that is affordable to run. Unless you need the space of a car, you might find that buying a bike could be a good idea. And with so many new 125 motorbikes for sale, you can fairly easily pick something up as a solid alternative.

You are by no means limited to sitting in a car if you want to drive. You could buy a bike instead and enjoy a much more free driving experience. How, though, do you make sure you get a good deal on that bike you have chosen?

Set your budget in stone

Before you do anything, make sure that you have a clear budget in mind. When you go motorbike shopping without any kind of budget in mind, it’s very easy for marketing to win the day. You can be talked into making just about any purchase if all you are looking for is ‘good value’. Let a salesperson talk for long enough, and they could convince you that you are buying a top quality bike – even though you aren’t!

That is why you should never take the idea of setting a budget lightly. We’d recommend setting a budget and then keeping it set in stone. If you want to avoid disappointment, try and set your budget for anything from £1,000 up to £2,500. It depends on the kind of 125 motorbike that you want, but this kind of round figure should cover everything you would need.

If you set that budget so clearly in stone, then are far less likely to break your budget and spend an excess. If you know that you have a budget that you cannot deviate from, it’s much harder for someone to convince you to just spend that extra 5-10% elsewhere.

Look into every bike closely

The biggest mistake that you can make though is not looking into the model fully. A salesperson is going to tell you everything that you want to hear; they might, though, omit what you need to hear. And that is a very important distinction to make. If you want to get a new 125 motorbike for sale that tick every box, then you have to know what you are buying 100%.

So, take the time to watch videos on every bike. Look around on biking forums and the like – see what other people are saying. You will not be the first Briton to have had their eyes caught by a particular bike. If you start asking around and speaking to people, you can soon find out what the reality is with your chosen bike.

Over time, you should have no real problem in picking up the information that you need if you look into the bike. This is one reason why we always recommend that you do your buying online. If you choose to go for a bike that you buy offline, you could be going purely on the information given to you by the salesperson – is that enough?

Work out how you wish to drive

Once you know how much you are willing to spend, look into the next factor – how do you want to drive?

By that, we mean do you want to use an Automatic system? Or a Manual one?

The vast majority of 125 motorbikes are going to be Manual. Some smaller bikes might be Automatic, but most of the time you should be looking to buy Manual. This should give you access to a 1-down, 4-up system that gives you plenty of control over how you will be driving.

However, for those who hate handling gears you can buy 125 motorbikes which are Automatic. The majority of these would be a Twist & Go system that would allow you to speed up simply by twisting the handlebar towards you. Know what kind of drive you would enjoy most, though, and you can easily make a wise investment that you will be happy with.

You should always look into this closely, though. If you are not used to driving with a Manual system, then it can be like learning to drive all over again. So, make sure you take this very seriously when choosing!

Work out your driving needs

Another factor that might come to play is your driving needs. Say you are using your new 125 motorbike for sale to go to work. That means you should have space in your bag (most likely a rucksack) that you can wear with space for your working attire and accessories. You need to make sure that travelling via bike makes enough sense for you from a logistical point of view.

If you would struggle to fit all of your driving needs into the one bike, then you might have some issues as time goes on. That is why you should always look to buy a bike suited to your lifestyle. If you are buying one for travelling with, then buy a 125 motorbike with some storage space. If you are just buying it for cruising around with, though, space might not be such a necessity.

As you no doubt know, driving around with a bike can be a tough thing to get right. It takes time, precision, and care to make sure you can always arrive at your chosen destination. To make sure you always arrive safely, though, buy the right kind of bike. Use the above information, and you might just find it easy to pick out a deal you can be happy with!