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Scooter Prices

Scooter Prices

For a first time buyer, getting a scooter can be a hard thing to invest in. With so many models and so many things to think about, too, getting value is tough. If you need some help in getting more value from buying a scooter, then you are in the right place. Good quality scooters will always come at a cost, and we recommend you are ready to pay for a good model. If not, you could run into more than a few issues.

One thing you should look to do is read this guide and work out what you should be paying. Because when you aren’t sure what a good deal is, it’s very easy to invest in a bad deal. The main difference when you are buying a scooter price is going to come down to how new it is.

As you might imagine, buying a new or used model is going to give you a different price. If you buy a used version of the same model, expect the price to be about 15-25% cheaper. Sometimes more. When you do buy a used model, though, you have to make sure you are buying a model that is road safe.

Sometimes, that is the reason why the price might seem so low compared to the average. If the scooter needs a lot of work done to it, that will explain why. So, why not make sure you buy a scooter at a fair price?

The standard cost of a scooter

So, the cost of your scooter will come down to the size of the engine. The most common types are 50cc scooters and 125cc scooters. These models tend to come with a very particular size and style. They are also going to be about 50% of a difference in terms of costs.

If you want to buy a new 50cc scooter, expect to start your search at around £900+. If you are buying a new 125csc scooter, turn that up to about £1,000-1,200, depending on where you look. this should help you to work out what you are actually getting. Then, work out the cost of things like insurance, road tax and the like. How much is that going to cost you?

Now, let us take a quick look at the idea of buying used or buying new. Many people can find it hard to make the choice they are happy with. While both have their merits, let’s compare the idea of buying new versus buying used. And then, let us show you why buying new might always be the best option for you. Yes, even if you are on a budget when buying your scooter!

Buying used

The main reason why we suggest you avoid buying used is that it comes down to trust. Most of the time, you are buying from a seller on a website like eBay. You could of course buy through a vendor, but you have to take them at their word that the vehicle is in good condition. The same with buying from a seller online.

The problem is that the seller could be 100% honest with you, but a problem could still pop up. The vehicle could be on the verge of needing significant work done to get it in good working order again. There could be an issue soon to appear with the quality of the vehicle as a whole. It might cost you a lot of time and money just trying to diagnose the issue that you were sold.

That is why we w always suggest that you are very thorough. While we would not rule out buying used at all, it’s a gamble. You also often miss out on some important bonuses, such as:

  • Knowing your new moped can pass an MOT without any problems.
  • Handling things like insurance and road tax – how reliable is the moped?
  • Dealing with problems with the moped – how much work does it need?
  • Warranty is likely to be reduced or used up on the vehicle, as well.

These are all factors that we cannot recommend you buy a used vehicle due to. The savings are often not worth it.

Buying new

So, the main reason why scooter prices can appear so high is that buying new costs more. When you go to buy a new scooter, you should arrive with a budget in mind. We’d suggest that buying new is often the best bet for a new buyer because:

  • New models are just off the rack – they should arrive with a big fat 0 on the mileage.
  • This lets you know that any problems with it will be covered with the warranty.
  • You can buy the bike knowing that it is made using the most modern of parts.
  • No issues exist when buying a modern, new car in terms of performance.
  • Any issues that do crop up, though, can be solved by the selling vendor.
  • You can often find out much more about a new vehicle versus a used one.

With a new vehicle, you will be buying from a trusted UK scooter vendor. This means that you will be buying from a company like Direct Bikes. Buying here means you know that you get a new scooter with all of the performance standards that you would have expected. Buying new comes with a cost, but you often save money in the long-term. Why?

You won’t have to spend on excess things like repair costs – at least not at the outset. You’ll also have a more modern and efficient machine. This means more miles to the gallon, which is just what you want to hear as a driver!

So, what will you go for? It’s a tough choice. With the price of a used model being so much smaller than a new model, it’s easy to be convince. However, we cannot recommend buying used unless you have to. In almost every occasion, buying new is the better option.