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Scooter Prices

Scooter Prices

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At Direct Bikes, one thing that we care about is making sure our customers always feel like they got a good deal. This means working with our team to always determine what is the fairest price for each model that we sell. Whether you are buying your first bike or your fiftieth, you’ll find that our prices are very fair.

We know that many bikers shop in the used market, but we look to offer you brand new bikes at great prices. This allows you to find a brand new 50cc scooter, for example, for a price of just £959 plus delivery. This would give you the chance to pick out a brilliant quality of bike that is 100% brand new. These low prices make sure that you can find some of the best scooter prices on the market today.

We remove all of the challenge in making sure you can find affordable, reliable scooters with ease. Thanks to the fact that all of our models are 100% brand new, too, you can easily buy up brand new scooters without any of the associated excess found elsewhere. We want to help you find a model of scooter that you can start driving today without any issue!

Get the best scooter prices today

We know that you want to get good value for your purchase. That is why everything that we sell comes with a brilliant price from the start. Even when you factor in things like scooter insurance and delivery, our scooter prices are still some of the best that you are going to find in the UK!

And best of all, we make sure that you get a good quality price as well as a great value purchase. Every scooter that you buy when it comes to our store will be a brand new model that has no mileage whatsoever on the clock. This means you are buying a scooter that you know is free of previous issues and comes without any previous ownership. That’s great for anyone who is looking for peace of mind, and who wants to buy a quality scooter for a fair price.

Take a look at our scooters today, and you can find it very easy indeed to buy a scooter you will love. With our 50cc models starting at the £959 price mentioned and our 125cc models starting at just £1,099, you can get a brilliant model for a fair price.

Why should I buy a scooter from Direct Bikes?

  • Every scooter that we sell is 100% brand new – no worries about having to buy an old model. We don’t make you settle for second-hand here; we sell brand new scooters at used prices!
  • We also give you access to a scooter collection that can give you something to suit every journey. From the sporty models to the all-purpose roadsters, we have numerous options.
  • Buying a bike is so simple if you choose to buy through our store. We have refined the purchase process so that you need only hit ‘Add to Cart’ and follow the simple instructions offered.
  • Financing a bike can be tough, even with our brilliant scooter prices. If you want to help get assistance with funding the bike, we offer affordable scooter finance up to £5,000.
  • With repayment over a period of 60 months, and with an open approach to dealing with your credit rating, we make sure that you are getting more for less when you buy from us.
  • Our scooters are very easy to master and come with all the information that you need on the site.

Find out everything you need before you make a purchase

We understand that you might want to know a bit more about all of our scooters before you commit. If you would like more help with knowing what a scooter can provide, simply check out the Specifications tab. All of our scooters come with a detailed description of what you are buying, making sure you buy a model that feels easy to handle and simple to ride.

This is one of the main reasons why we look to give you access to simple and affordable scooters. We keep our scooter prices low so that you can know what you are buying without reservation. We see no lasting benefit in giving you false expectations, so everything is explained in black and white.

We also make sure that you are buying a model that is suited to what you have asked for. If you are already sure of what you want to buy, then simply hit ‘Add to Cart’. If you are still thinking and weighing up your options, you can contact us today.

Our team can give you any information that you might need and can contextualise facts and figures for your understanding.

Ready to make a purchase?

Great! The team at Direct Bikes will be happy to assist you in any way that we realistically can. All that we need to know is what you would like to have included in your order, and what time you would like the order to be delivered at.

Presently, we look to provide you with delivery within a 3-day period of your payment being received and processed. However, we can also offer you succinct next day delivery if you would like to make sure you can start riding ASAP.

Be sure to look at our scooter insurance page, though. You will have to get both insurance and road tax before you could legally drive on the roads of the UK. If you would like to pick up a high quality vehicle and get help with finance and insurance, Direct Bikes is here to assist you.

Whether you wish to do the purchase on your own or you would like to make your purchase with a customer support member, we are here to help. If you have any questions whatsoever, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer them for you. We look forward to helping you get into the wonderful world of riding.

With our tremendous prices on scooters, you can’t afford to miss out!

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