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New Scooter

New Scooter

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At Direct Bikes, we speak to many riders who are looking to buy a new scooter. We know that it can be hard to work out what you want, but we make it so easy to pick. With a fine selection of bikes and a simple ordering system, you can make your purchase decision quickly, easily, and without issue. And thanks to our SSL secured payment system and our quick, affordable delivery you won’t be waiting long to try out that fresh scooter you just picked up from our store!

When you are looking to buy a scooter or a moped, you often look at buying an old model. At Direct Bikes, though, we recommend you take a look at our brand new models first and foremost. With prices starting at just £959, our models are extremely cheap.

The sheer availability of a new scooter today means that you can easily find similar value new and old. If you are looking to try and buy a quality scooter, though, we recommend that you go through the following questions in your mind.

Should you have any questions outside of this, though, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can quickly and easily give you all of the information that you need to buy a new scooter with complete confidence.

How much can you spend on a new scooter?

The first question that you should look to answer is how much you have to spend on the scooter itself. Many of us can struggle to find the money to pay for a scooter that is new given the starting price. However, with scooters available for as little as £959 today from Direct Bikes, you aren’t always stuck for options.

We’ve got a fine selection of 125cc scooters, too, with the price starting at only £1,099. This helps you to buy a brand new model that comes without any issues, delivered right to your door.

Don’t just think about the price of the scooter to buy, though. You also need to make space for things like insurance, road tax, driving lessons, and everything else. If you are intent on buying a scooter, then you should make the full package your budget.

Many people will blow their whole budget on a new scooter, only to find that they never factored in the other costs. Never forget; the bike price is just one part of your budget. We can help you with every aspect of the purchase, though, including helping you to find the right insurance company to pair with.

What kind of scooter would you like to drive?

After you have established your budget, you should then work out what kind of scooter you would enjoy driving. Thanks to our diverse selection and our robust packages, you can quickly and easily pick up a scooter at a simple, easy price. With both 50cc and 125cc scooters to pick from, we make buying a scooter a piece of cake!

We recommend that you look to work out what kind of scooter you think you would enjoy driving first and foremost. For example, how fast would you like to be able to go?

You should look to decide if you want something modern, or something classic, too.We’ve got some pretty exceptional models to pick from, which should make choosing your ideal scooter so much easier. From a sporty model to a vintage Italian-inspired model, we have ample choice.

Keep in mind that many classic scooters now have to be modified to make them suitable for driving on the road. From the kind of petrol that they use to the kind of seating they offer, there is a lot for you to think about. Luckily, you won’t have that problem if you buy any of our brand new, modern scooters!

Make sure that you take the time to look closely at your choice of scooter. If you want a more vintage scooter, you don’t always need to pay several thousand pounds for one. With models like our 50cc Milan, you can get a positively tremendous deal.

What will you do with your scooter?

Now, this is a very important question!

If you are thinking about buying a scooter for work, go new. Always go new. Our scooters offer tremendous mileage and also come without any previous issues. This lets you drive to work knowing that you can make it there and back without having mechanical failures!

Nothing is more stressful than breaking down at the side of the road, after all.

That is why you should never take a risk with your scooter. You should instead look to make sure that you always buy something that suits your needs. For quick jaunts around quiet roads in your town, buying new from Direct Bikes is the way to go!

Do you have security?

The last thing to look at when buying new vs old is to look at your guarantee and your security. If you chose to buy a new vehicle, for example, you are going to run into some considerations. For example, does it come with any kind of warranty?

Every scooter that we sell at Direct Bikes comes with a 1-year warranty included. This means that you can buy the bike and start riding it as soon as you get it insured and taxed. With unlimited mileage on all of our bikes, too, you can ride them for as long as you want for that year without having to worry about it affecting your warranty.

We want to make sure that you can buy a scooter with total confidence and control over what you buy. With simple pricing, easy purchase through our online store, and rapid delivery, we make buying a scooter easy. Take a look at our vast catalogue of high quality scooters, and you can easily find a model to suit your lifestyle.

From a small 50cc scooter for city rides to a larger 125cc scooter for longer distance journeys, we’ll have something waiting for you. Contact us if you have any questions at all; the Direct Bikes team will be more than happy to help you find a happy solution.


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