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New Scooter

New Scooter

When you are looking to buy a scooter or a moped, you often look at buying an old model. However, the sheer availability of a new scooter today means that you can easily find similar value new and old. If you are looking to try and buy a quality scooter, though, we recommend that you go through the following questions in your mind.

This should help you to buy a scooter – new or old – that is going to suit your needs. It will also ensure you’re much happier with your purchase!

How much can you actually spend?

The first question that you should look to answer is how much you have to spend on the scooter itself. Many of us can struggle to find the money to pay for a scooter that is new given the starting price. However, with new scooters available for as little as £1,000 today, you aren’t always stuck for options.

Unless your budget is a good bit under the £1,000 mark, you should be able to afford some kind of new scooter. This is why we recommend spending more time getting used to the size of the budget you have. If you do that, you are much more likely to get a scooter that fits your long-term cost.

Don’t just think about the price of the scooter to buy, though. You also need to make space for things like insurance, road tax, driving lessons, and everything else. If you are intent on buying a scooter, then you should make the full package your budget.

Many people will blow their whole budget on a new scooter, only to find that they never factored in the other costs. Never forget; the bike price is just one part of your budget.

What kind of scooter would you like to drive?

After you have established your budget, you should then work out what kind of scooter you would enjoy driving. That can be harder to work out than you might have first intended, though, so keep that in mind. We recommend that you look to work out what kind of scooter you think you would enjoy driving first and foremost. For example, how fast would you like to be able to go?

You should look to decide if you want something modern, or something classic. For example, an old-school classic Vespa might be your choice – but can you afford it?

Keep in mind that many classic scooters now have to be modified to make them suitable for driving on the road. From the kind of petrol that they use to the kind of seating they offer, there is a lot for you to think about.

Make sure that you take the time to look closely at your choice of scooter. If you want a more vintage scooter, you don’t always need to pay several thousand pounds for one. Buying the right brand can help to off-set the upfront investment massively.

What will you do with your scooter?

Now, this is a very important question. If you are thinking about buying a scooter for work, go new. Always go new. Nothing is more stressful than breaking down at the side of the road. Unlike a car, you have no means of elemental protection; you are stranded until help can arrive. And while used scooters are obviously still in good condition, new scooters are much less likely to have issues.

That is why you should never take a risk with your scooter. You should instead look to make sure that you always buy something that suits your needs. For quick jaunts around quiet roads in your town, buying new can be just fine. For those who are looking for something a bit more robust and powerful, though? That might not be quite as useful as it first appeared.

Keep that in mind, as many people will buy a moped for work that has massive mileage already. On top of perhaps needing some internal work done, it’s more likely to break down. So, if you are intending on buying a scooter, make sure you buy one that is safe. Newness often guarantees safeness.

Do you have security?

The last thing to look at when buying new vs old is to look at your guarantee and your security. If you chose to buy a new vehicle, for example, you are going to run into some considerations. For example, does it come with any kind of warranty?

If it does not, then you could end up spending the same price on the scooter again just on repairs and tune-ups. If you buy new, though, this is not a problem that you need to face. Instead, the security that you get comes in the form of warranty. Most new mopeds also come with more robust safety features, as they tend to be newer.

For example, some will come with ABS breaks, while that was never the case with most older, used solutions. Think about the level of security in terms of the cost of insurance and taxation, too. If your scooter seems to carry a very high level of taxation, then it might be something to think about. We recommend that you take some time to look closely at this, as ‘saving money’ isn’t always possible with a used car.

Compare the liabilities and the costs of correcting issues versus the cost of buying new. If you want guaranteed warranty and more reliable model overall, go new.

So, should you buy new or used?

The questions above should hopefully go some way to giving you a few short ideas and inspirations. However, we have to say that when it comes to reliability and longevity, there is only one winner here!

If you choose to buy a scooter, then we recommend you buy a new scooter. Why? Because a new scooter is going to be much suited for the long-term. It’s often also going to come with a nice collection of freebies and extras, making the purchase more value-driven. So, if your budget stretches, go for new.