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Scooters Sale

Scooters Sale

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When you want to buy a scooter, you often have so many choices to pick from through our scooters sale. At Direct Bikes, we like to give you every opportunity that you need to buy a brand new scooter at a great price. With our prices starting at just £959, too, you can easily buy a scooter today and have it delivered in just three working days!

Various kinds of scooter/moped exist, and it might seem tough to work out what is good for you. Thanks to our detailed descriptions of every vehicle we sell, though, you can easily pick up a top quality scooter without having to spend through the nose.

If you intend to buy a scooter, then we recommend that you take the time to look into what kind of scooter you want. There are assorted styles of scooter, so it’s always useful to know what you wantto drive. We sell everything from small 50cc mopeds for inner city riding to sport 125cc scooters. So, what do you think you would like to buy? Let us help you make a choice that you can be happy with.

How much will I spend?

First off, work out what you can actually afford to spend on a moped. At Direct Bikes, we offer both brilliant upfront prices and consistent, affordable finances packages. If you want to pick up a moped for a competitive price but you lack the upfront funds, use our finance program!

Also, we recommend that you consider the additional costs associated with buying a scooter. While our costs are fair and our delivery prices are excellent, you still need to cover things like the insurance and road tax.

What size of moped do I want?

Like most other vehicles, all scooters come in various shapes and sizes. This should let you get the help that you need to look around and find something suited to your own body size. Scooters in a more classic Italian style tend to be good for taller individuals, for example.

All of our scooters sale vehicles come with a detailed specification on their page so that you can quickly and easily pick out a moped you like. Always take the size into account; while all of our mopeds are a standard size, check the specs to make sure you are buying a large enough vehicle.

Make sure that if you buy a scooter that you buy a model that is not going to make you look too big. This can make it hard to drive the scooter, as you can feel self-conscious about your size in comparison.

What size of engine do I want?

Next, make sure you work out what kind of engine size you would want to go for. The vast majority of scooters and mopeds will come in two sizes: 50cc and 125cc. We sell a fine collection of both speeds, making it easy to locate a scooter with an engine strength that you can be happy with.

The vast majority will be a simple to drive setup and will often be powered using petrol rather than electricity. We fully recommend that you think about this, as getting the right size of engine is paramount to being happy with your overall purchase. Take a look at all of our scooters, and you can easily find a model that is suited to the speed you wish to go at.

Our 50cc models can hit speeds of 30mph, and our 125cc models can reach 60mph.

What kind of power do I want?

When it comes to power, you often want to look at the top speed of your scooter. Most of the time, our models range in anything from 30-60mph in terms of speed. This is something that we recommend that you keep in mind, as it will help you to make an intelligent choice with regards to buying a scooter that you are happy with. Check out all of our scooters and you can find that any which can go above the 30/60mph top speed will be noted.

Where will I drive my scooter?

When looking at any models in our scooters sale, take into account where you intend to do most of your driving. That really is something that you have to think about, as some scooters are more suited to certain kinds of driving than others.

If you buy an electric scooter, for example, the chances are that you cannot take it on the road. While we do sell the road legal Go Electric Scooter, we do recommend sticking to our petrol-based models for a road ready scooter.

If you buy a 50cc scooter, then you can easily head out on local roads and normal driving locations (presuming that you have your license).In terms of motorway driving, though, make sure that you buy a scooter that is actually strong enough to handle the rapid pace of a motorway. This often means going for a 125cc scooter.

50cc scooters are legally allowed on the motorway, but for any kind of longer distance driving we recommend buying one of our 125cc scooterssale models instead.

How will I drive it?

Speaking of driving, how do you intend to power the scooter? Many times, you’ll want to go for a scooter that’s Twist and Go. These are easier to learn and give you a fully automatic driving experience. This tends to make it a bit easier for you to make sure that you can drive with total confidence, especially as a beginner.

Most of our models are using a Twist & Go setting, though at 125cc we do also have some Manual scooters on sale. Of course, more experienced scooter drivers might want to go for something with a more manual setup. Both options are fine; you just need to work out what is the best option for you on a personal level.

So, if you need any help whatsoever in making your purchase, just let us know. We can help you to arrange everything either through e-mail or through a phone call. Our numbers are available until 5:30PM each day, so we look forward to hearing from you!

Speak with us, and we can make sure that you get to enjoy riding around on a scooter like never before. Where, then, will you begin your journey?

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