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Moped UK

Moped UK

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For anyone who wants to drive on the roads of the United Kingdom, you have such a rich selection of vehicles to pick from. At Direct Bikes, we help people to get on the roads as soon as possible through our high quality moped, scooter, and bike sales. With one of our forms of moped UK riders can start enjoying trips up and down the UK with ease!

The important thing that you can do when buying a moped, though, is making sure you buy something road legal. With scooters and mopeds growing in popularity due to their efficiency and reliability, you can easily pick up a top quality scooter starting today. If you buy through Direct Bikes, you can feel safe that all of our petrol scooters are going to be road legal.

It’s important to note that few electric scooters exist which are road legal. Our Go Electric Scooter is one of the few scooters on the market today which you can drive on the roads of the UK.

Many people will invest in a vehicle, such as an electric scooter, only to find that it is not road legal. If you want to avoid that problem, then this simple guide should help you to pick up a road legal moped in UK authority.

Given the importance of following the law and playing by the rules, this should come as no surprise. You have to be able to be both safe for yourself and safe for others when you go on the roads of the UK. This means driving a vehicle that is both safe for use on the roads, and safe for other drivers. If you cannot provide that, then you will not be given the chance to drive your moped on the road.

What do I need to drive my moped on the road?

So, the first thing that you need to do is ensure that you have at least your CBT license. Without your CBT (or a full driving license), you will not be permitted on the roads of the country. That is why you should always look to get that arranged as soon as possible. Without having your CBT or full license, you cannot go on the road. If your CBT has expired, then you either need to get a new one and have it renewed, or you need to go and pass your full driving test.

Remember that driving with your CBT means that you must have L plates, and you are likely not allowed to take a passenger on your vehicle. At CBT level, you are limited to driving just a 50cc or 125cc moped as well. Keep that in mind, as many people get caught out by trying to buy a moped that is too powerful for their moped in the first place.

Speak to us about what driving experience and credentials that you have before you make a purchase if you are unsure. We can help you to find a scooter model that is 100% suited to what you can drive today.

What age do I need to be if I want a CBT license?

To get a CBT license and thus drive a moped on UK roads, you have to be able to prove that you are aged 16 or over. Anyone at the age of 16 is capped to driving a 50cc moped at around 28mph, too, so keep that in mind. If you wish to progress beyond this basic level, then you have to be aged 17 and over. Aged 16, though, your CBTwill only cover you to get access to a 50cc moped. Once you reach 17, though, you could safely and legally ride on of our 125cc mopeds.

That is something that you should think about as many people will try to buy a 125cc model and find it’s not suitable. If you buy a 50cc model, though, you can drive it up to 30mph with your CBT prior to turning 17. If you wish to take that vehicle on the road, though, there are some other factors that you will need to consider.

If you intend on buying a vehicle with a CBT license, then you should make sure that you can actually take it on the road. Again, speak to us about this: we can make sure that you leave our store with a top quality moped UK riders can start driving on the road relative to experience.

Insurance and tax

At Direct Bikes, we want to make sure that you can leave our store with a brand new bike. Bought easily and securely online, we’ll get your bike to you in just three working days. However, before you commit to riding a moped you should look to get two things in place: insurance and tax. Insurance and taxation are just as important to your riding as a license!

We can help you with finding insurance, so be sure to contact us if you want help in locating affordable and reliable moped UK insurance.

The two most important factors for a 50cc moped for any new rider will be ensuring you handle both taxation and insurance. You can get help with both through our dealership, meaning that you can findmoped UKinsurance you can actually afford. If you are looking for an easy way to get your scooter insured, then you should take a look at the various insurance brokers and comparisons for scooter insurance we offer through our website.

You might not need to get road tax on certain models, as their fuel economy might make them exempt from needing to get road taxation. However, you should always check with the UK Government and the DVLA regarding the model of scooter that you have just bought. We can also give you more information about the expected cost of road tax for any of our vehicles – just call up and ask!

We, or the DVLA, can give you more information about the likelihood of being able to take that scooter out on the road.

Once you have dealt with the insurance tax side of things, though, you should be much more likely to be able to drive that scooter on the road. However, we recommend that before you commit that you look to find out if your license is valid, if your road tax is still valid, and if your insurance package has been processed.

Need any help at all in making a choice about buying a scooter? Then don’t help back. Let us know, and we can point you in the direction of the perfect UK moped for your lifestyle. With prices starting at just £959, we can give you some of the best prices in Britain. Whatever you are on the lookout for, we’ll make sure you can find something just right.

Contact us today if you have any questions at all about buying a bike through Direct Bikes. We’ll be more than happy to make what is already a simple process even easier to follow. Thank you!

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