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How Much does a Brand New Moped Cost?

How Much does a Brand New Moped Cost?

Thinking about buying a new moped? Then you should look at our collection here at Direct Bikes. We make the art of buying a moped as easy and as simple as it should be. With our tremendous selection and our brilliant rates, you can get a brand new moped without anything like the normal costs. We love selling our vehicles, and we love selling them at good, fair prices. If you want to make sure your purchase is the best that you can get, though, you should consider the price very carefully. So, how much does a brand new moped cost?

With Direct Bikes, you’ll be sure to get some of the best prices in the UK.

How much does a brand new moped cost?

At Direct Bikes, you can easily pick up a brand new 50cc moped for just £1699. With the collection of mopeds that we sell, you can get a tremendous value purchase for that price. We also regularly do deals and sales, meaning that you could pick up your chosen 50cc moped for less than the £1699 that we charge.

For example, our 50cc Scooter – one of the most popular models in the UK – is regularly on sale. At the time of writing, we are selling this for just £1699. This will ensure that you can buy a brand new moped without the usual costs that you might associate with such a purchase. Thanks to that deal, you can be sure to get something that is absolutely right for you from a riding perspective.

We also sell a range of 125cc scooters that are priced tremendously. At the time of writing, our 125cc scooters will cost you only £1899. That can make sure that you get to leave our store with the best possible quality and value for money that you could get for a 125cc scooter. With all of our scooters being brand new, too, you don’t need to worry about problems like previous damage or poor previous ownership.

Buying from us means that you are buying a brand new moped, and one that has been checked over prior to sale. We always run our models through a rigorous testing program, making sure they are fit for purchase. With the 1-year warranty that we provide, with unlimited mileage attached to it, you can get the peace of mind that you need by buying from us today!

With the help that we can give you, such as our scooter finance program, you can get all the assistance you require. With brilliant prices for brand new mopeds and scooters, we make sure you are always getting good value for money. If you would like to lock in that value and make sure it keeps coming, then come and speak to us today.

We can make sure that you get the expert help that you need in choosing a brand new moped, all sold at a price you can fall in love with!

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