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Cheap 50cc Moped for Sale

Cheap 50cc Moped for Sale

On the lookout for a cheap 50cc moped for sale? Then you will be happy to know that you have many options. However, despite the fact that options can give us plenty of opportunity, it can also make us quite confused. If you are looking for an easy way to make the purchase of a cheap 50cc moped a bit easier, we have some things to make you think about below. This guide should hopefully help you come out the other side of your purchase decision with a moped you like.

What is a 50cc moped? Is it right for you?

As you might be aware, a 50cc moped is a vehicle that you can drive. A 50cc (cubic centimetre) engine is often the engine of choice for most smaller models. A 50cc moped is a powerful but easily controlled piece of hardware which is capable of going at around 30mph.

For most people, they are the beginner vehicle of choice. If you are still new to the world of moped buying then you might find 50cc is a good starting point. With their fast acceleration but low top speed, they are great for getting used to the idea of driving about the local area.

This is one of the main reasons why we recommend that you look to go for a 50cc moped. It's a good way to make sure you can go through a comprehensive moped experience. You will find that it lets you to enjoy a much easier moped driving experience purely because they are so easy to handle.

Who should drive a 50cc moped?

Since you can get one at the age of 17, you can start driving a moped from a young age. It's for that reason that we would recommend that you rent a 50cc moped as soon as you are legally permitted to drive. To drive a 50cc engine, you need to have a provisional bike riding license, and you also need to pass your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

Once you do that, you can take it on the road. You cannot have a passenger, nor can you go on the motorway with it. You also must keep those L plates on until you get your full driving license. For our perspective, young drivers and those sticking to local commutes will get a 50cc moped and enjoy using it the most.

How fast can I go?

As mentioned above, you can normally go at a speed of around 28-30mph. That should be more than fast enough if you are sticking to the same kind of areas, like a small town. Going for longer commutes that take in large motorways, though, cannot be recommended.

At 30mph, despite being able to take off fast you often cannot get out of the way of faster moving vehicles. You either put yourself at risk by being on the road, or you make it more likely that you could force another driver into a tight situation. We recommend that if you do get a cheap 50cc moped that you get used to driving it around your local area. For the most part, they are suited to keeping your drives nice and local.

Should I buy used or new?

The main question that we see about buying a vehicle is deciding to buy used or new. We think that you should always buy new - especially if this is your first scooter. Yes, you might need to pay more (more on that in a moment), but you will often get a much more reliable experience overall.

You will get the new bike knowing that you have bought something with a solid MOT. If you buy a bike that is used, you often need to get it MOT checked. It could also have problems with performance, which could cost you whatever you managed to save in the repair costs. So, keep that in mind; you can often find it hard to stay on top of a used 50cc moped. Yes, they might cost you a bit less to buy upfront, but you will normally pay more over the duration of their use.

Come the end of your time with a used bike, too, you will get much less value back for your purchase. If you keep your 50cc moped in good condition, though, a new one can still fetch you a good price when it comes to selling it.

How much should I pay?

That's a tricky question, and one that you might find hard to answer. Typically, we'd suggest that a quality, new 50cc moped should cost you around £1,000+. It could cost you something up to around £1,500, though, when you factor in things like insurance, road tax, and any extras you wish to buy for the vehicle.

If you happen to buy it online (we recommend that you do), then you will also need to pay for shipping. However, if you choose to buy a 50cc moped then buying new can save you money. As mentioned above, you will pay a bit more upfront - but you save a lot more with every journey. Your moped should be much more affordable to fill up with petrol if you so happen to buy a new one.

They are more efficient, more modern, and come equipped with all of the features you would have wanted and expected. That is why we recommend that you always look to make your purchase a new one. Yes, buying used can be a good idea for those on a limited budget. With a new model, though, you get a warranty-protected solution that should arrive in perfect working order. Does that not sound like an investment that is going to be worth making?

If you look around and buy from the right people, such as Direct Bikes, you'll often get a cheap 50cc moped for sale. If you are willing to look around, though, you should be more or less guaranteed a good value purchase.