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Bike 125cc

Bike 125cc

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At Direct Bikes, we sell many high quality scooters, mopeds, and bikes. Our models are all built to suit certain personalities and riding preferences. That’s a big reason why so many people choose to invest in a 125cc bike from our store. However, is a 125cc bike the right choice for you?

When you consider buying a scooter or motorcycle today, one thing you need to consider is the power. Power is such a major evaluation when it comes to buying a bike or anything like that. Buy a bike that is too powerful, and you can feel as if you are being overpowered by it. However, buy a bike that is too weak, and it might simply lack the power that you need to have fun/get things done. Whatever the issue is, though, we would recommend doing some reading into the mot popular bike speeds. For example, have you ever looked at a bike 125cc in power?

That’s one of our most popular ranges of bike at Direct Bikes. If you are looking to invest in a motorcycle, our 125cc range might be the ideal starting place.

What is 125cc?

A 125cc bike is one that is powered with anengine that is 125cc Cubic Centimetre (cc) in size. This means that the engine is fairly large, even for a bike. It will give you a high top speed, and it will ensure that you can hit a reliable top speed while not being able to go beyond your limit. For many people, our 125cc bikes are the ideal starting point to help them learn more about bike riding. It’s for that reason that we recommend you buy a 125cc bike if you want to invest in something useful and reliable.

What speeds can my 125cc bike go at?

Another consideration to think about when buying a bike is speed. At Direct Bikes, all of our 125cc motorbikes have a top speed of at least 60 miles per hour. If you are worried that you might be going too fast on a bike, consider going smaller. However, a 125cc bike is going to be capable of speeds of around 60mph, though our 125cc Sports RS can go even faster at 68mph.The speed depends on the model type and various other factors. But yes, for the most part you can find that a 125cc bike is going to be capable of this kind of speed. Be sure to read the specifications for all of our bikes before you make a purchase at Direct Bikes.

For most people, that speed is going to be more than enough for you to get around and see the world as you had intended. It should give you enough speed in general to help you feel as if you are driving at a pace that feels safe for you. At 60mph, you can handle just about any kind of journey you could have to make in the UK.

Is 60mph suitable for a motorway?

Yes! Absolutely. All 125cc bikes from Direct Bikes can go on the motorway if you have the right driving credentials.

While many people will be exceeding 60mph on a motorway, you can easily move along safely. So long as you have your full motorcycle driving license, you can go on a motorway. To drive a bike 125cc without a full driving license, you need to get your Provisional Driving License and pass your Compulsory Basic Training.

If you do that, you are much more likely to wind up with a happy solution. It will help you to drive on anywhere minus a motorway. So long as you don’t try to drive with a passenger, you will not be breaking any laws. For 60mph, though, you could easily drive on a motorway and not feel as if you are being left behind by the other cars. It might lack a little bit of the power you would have wanted, but it’s more than enough. Just make sure you have your full driving license before hitting the motorway!

Why should I buy a 125cc bike?

  • The main reason is that going for a 125cc bike means buying something more powerful than the next model down – 50cc (more on that below). It will give you confidence.
  • Being able to move quickly from 0 to 60mph is a great feeling, especially for a new driver. This will help you to quickly and easily pick up the pace without going too fast.
  • This leaves you in total control as you move around the country. It’s a big reason why we always recommend that you look to buy a 125cc bike if you want something great for UK roads.
  • At Direct Bikes, we have a varied and unique selection of bikes. This should help you make a purchase that you can be 100% happy with.

When is 125cc too much?

  • For the most part, we would say that anyone under the age of 17 should avoid a 125cc. You must be 17 to drive at 125cc, but it would be too much for you at that age.
  • You can normally stay in control of a bike at 125cc, but those who want to drive at a leisurely pace might not like it. They can go too fast for newbies and beginners.
  • If you are looking for something to drive around residential areas alone, then you might find that 125cc is a waste. You will be capped to pedestrian-safe speeds, limiting acceleration.

However, at Direct Bikes we recommend that you contact us if you have any concerns about your suitability and/or desire to drive a 125cc motorbike. We can then help you to work out if what you are buying is correct for you. Take a look at our 125cc motorbike collection, and you can soon pick out a bike that feels just right. If you are unsure of anything, or if a 125cc bike is right for you, let us know. We can then help you make a decision you will feel totally comfortable with.

Let’s get you joining the many UK riders who have taken riding to their hearts. With our great prices and easy delivery of all 125cc bikes, we can get you on the road in just a few short days. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look and find the ideal 125cc bike for you today!

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