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125cc Moped For Sale Near Me

125cc Moped For Sale Near Me

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Are you looking to buy a 125cc moped? Then you have a great many options to choose from atDirect Bikes. We’re a company with a real focus on creating sustainable, high quality mopeds for sale. To many, we’re the ideal answer to questions like ‘who has the best 125cc moped for sale near me?’

We know what it takes when building a 125cc moped. We know that they have to be fast, secure, reliable, durable, and easy to handle. They also have to be affordable and economically viable. How, then, can we make sure that you get that if you buy from us?

Who has a 125cc moped for sale near me?

Direct Bikes: get the best price

One thing we know that every rider cares about is getting the best deal that they can. At Direct Bikes, we have worked tirelessly to come up with some great prices for our 125cc range of mopeds. That’s why you could pick one up from our store for just £1,099.

That’s right: £1,099. We’ve got some of the most affordable mopeds in the entire industry. We’ve worked for years to come up with proven solutions that can really make a big difference to the cost. From the high mileage (100mpg plus) to the affordable upfront cost, we make buying a moped as affordable as it should be. Why pay more than you need to?

With Direct Bikes, you can spend a very small amount compared to what you might pay elsewhere.

Pick from a varied selection of 125cc mopeds

We also know that not every rider is looking for the same moped. That’s why we have such a fine range of high class mopeds to pick from. For example, our 125cc Cruiser is a very popular choice of modern scooter. It has that sleek and stylish look that makes it very easy for you to pick up, and it delivers a very impressive riding experience.

The seats for both driver and passenger are made to be bulky and comfortable, making sure you always feel very comfortable. If you are going to be going on a long-distance ride, then this can be just what you are looking for. It’s the ideal choice for anyone who is looking to pick up a quality 125cc moped without having to worry about discomfort as they ride.

We’ve got a great range of mopeds for you to look at and pick through. For example, the 125cc Tommy is one of our most popular choices. It’s got a very high quality design and a very impressive style, with that retro scooter look. If you come to make a purchase from Direct Bikes, you will soon realise that we have a fine selection of scooters.

From the modern and the minimalistic to the old-school, we have something to suit every rider. The only thing that you need to work out is which model from our incredible selection would you most like to try out?

Find every specification that you need

One thing we never leave you with when buying from Direct Bikes is uncertainty. If you choose to buy through our platform, you are buying something with a very impressive specification. All of our mopeds and scooters go through a thorough and detailed testing program. This lets us know that they produce the best top speeds, the best mileage, and the most affordable experience overall.

That’s why if you do intend to buy a moped from us that you should read the specification guides that we provide. With such detailed information to read through, you can find out everything you need to know. From the size of the bike to the top speed and the mileage, you can find out the details that matter most.

Need any more information, though? Then just let us know: we can give you any details that you may need.

How much does it cost to tax a 125cc moped for sale near me?

If you intend to go ahead and buy a moped from our store, then you are making a very wise decision indeed. We would recommend that if you do intend to do this though that you take a look at the cost of tax. Since our vehicles fall into a very particular tax bracket, it pays to know what you will have to pay for one of our 125cc mopeds.

At the time of writing, the cost to tax a moped up to 150cc is just £19 for the full year. You can pay this via the DVLA website online, or you can go into your post office and pay it instead. We recommend doing it online, though, as the whole transaction is normally much faster,and you will need to provide less details as everything is already on the site.

With this, you can then go ahead and get your insurance sorted. Need a hand getting insurance? Just let us know. The Direct Bikes team can point you in the direction of great moped insurance finders, making sure you can get insurance for a very fair cost indeed.

How do I pick up my 125cc moped for sale near me?

At Direct Bikes, one thing we don’t want you having to do is coming to pick up your vehicle. If you buy from us, then rest assured that you don’t have to come and collect it. Instead, during the payment screen, you will get the chance to arrange a place for your 125cc moped to be delivered to. We can then make sure that your moped is packed up and delivered to the address that you give us.

You will be given the choice between a 1-day payment and a 3-day payment. You just need to let us know what you think would be the right choice, and we’ll happily make that choice with you. So, why not take a look at one of our 125cc mopeds?

With easy delivery right to your door, you don’t have to worry about geography. Just let us know where you are, and what you want, and we’ll arrange everything else with you!

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