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50cc Moped Top Speed

50cc Moped Top Speed

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  2. 50cc Moped Top Speed Panther
  3. 50cc Moped Top Speed Retro
  4. 50cc Moped Top Speed Tommy
  5. 50cc Moped Top Speed Milan
  6. 50cc Moped Top Speed Scorpion
  7. 50cc Moped Top Speed Spyder

Does the idea of driving a 50cc moped excite you? It should!

At Direct Bikes, we sell many 50cc mopeds across the year. We help everyone from young students looking for affordable travel options to professionals looking for an easier ride. We are here to help everyone find their ideal 50cc moped, though, regardless of your need. With a range of bespoke mopeds unique to Direct Bikes, too, you know that what you buy from our store is 100% unique.

This will ensure that you can enjoy a much easier experience when it comes to buying a moped today. However, chief among more or less any discussion about buying a moped is the top speed that it can do. Before you commit to buying any kind of moped, it pays to know what kind of top speed it can do. What, then, is the 50cc moped top speed?

What can you expect a 50cc moped from the Direct Bikes store to give you in terms of the top speed?

It’s important to know, as your top speed determines where you can and cannot drive as a rider. Where, then, can you begin the search for that information?

What is the 50cc moped top speed I can get from Direct Bikes?

If you invest in a Direct Bikes moped, you are buying something very particular indeed. Our 50cc range have been put together in a way that allows it to drive safely and without much input. You simply need to tug on the handlebars, and it can pick up speed for you. It’s the easiest road-legal way to drive in the UK without a doubt. 50cc mopeds offer simplicity and freedom like nothing else!

One thing that you will find about out 50cc mopeds, though, is they have a universal top speed. With a 50cc moped, you are limited to being able to drive it to a top speed of 30mph. While that might not sound fast, it’s perfect given what our 50cc mopeds are designed to do. Remember, a 50cc moped is made to be suitable for city rides and smaller journeys.

If you are looking to buy a moped that is fast enough to handle longer trips and journeys, then you should look at getting a 125cc scooter. With one of our 125cc scooters, you could get to a top speed of 60mph instead.

When is the 50cc moped top speed not fast enough for me?

Really, the only reason that you would need to go above 30mph is driving outside of a town or a city. Any kind of residential or commercial area is likely to have a top speed of 30mph or even below. Keep that in mind, as it’s not often a requirement to exceed 30mph if you are in a city area. Unless you do most of your riding in the countryside, our 50cc mopeds are a fine choice.

Don’t let the 50cc top speed put you off going for one. Unless you have to go for drives on the motorway, you can get away with driving just about anywhere else on a 50cc moped. Our 50cc mopeds are a safe bet for just about any dual carriageway and/or normal road. They are, though, mostly aimed at those who will do most of their driving in a smaller residential area.

If you would like to find an easy way to enjoy driving, then you should take a look at a 50cc moped. It’s a good way to take the pressure out of riding, and instead concentrate on the simplicity of riding.

Buying a 50cc moped from Direct Bikes

If you see a particular moped that you like, such as our 50cc Milan, then you can make the purchase right away. Buying from Direct Bikes is a very easy thing to do; you just need to take a look at the scooter itself. Check out the page for each of our scooters, and you can learn so much about that scooter. From the 50cc moped top speed to the size and the mileage, we make sure every detail is there to be read.

For an easier way of understanding what you are doing, feel free to contact us today. We have made every detail easily readable and accessible on the website. But if you do need any more explanation or insight, please let us know. We can give you more information in relation to any particular question or query that you might have about buying a 50cc moped.

Let’s make buying a moped as easy as it should be!

There really is no reason why making your purchase has to be confusing. To make a purchase with Direct Bikes, all you need to do is the following:

  1. Look at our website, which is at
  2. Go to our 50cc scooters and look through each scooter individually.
  3. Be sure to look at things like size specifications to ensure that it suits you.
  4. Look at the scooter you like and hit ‘Add to Cart’ when you are certain.
  5. Once certain, go to your Checkout and you can complete the purchase.
  6. Select a location you would like the scooter to be delivered to, and a date.
  7. Your total price – purchase plus delivery – will be totalled for completion.
  8. Complete the purchase and wait for confirmation of your purchase being complete.

As soon as we can verify your payment has gone through, we’ll be in touch to let you know that your scooter is now going to be suitable for delivery. Come and speak to us if you need any more help or information about choosing a scooter. We can go through the selection process with you, ensuring that it’s 100% ready to be used as you had intended.

All you then need to do is get your insurance and your tax sorted. As soon as you do that, you’ll have a brand new 50cc moped on its way to your doorstep, waiting to be driven upon confirmation!

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