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Widnes Scooters

Widnes Scooters

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Do you get stuck in the Widnes traffic or expend so much refilling your car’s tank? Then you should use an alternative transportvehicle – Scooter. Although you are probably used to commuting by public bus or riding your car, having your own scooter offers much benefits. This article looks at some of these benefits and why you should choose one of our scooters.

Why You Should Own a Scooter in Widnes

Faster in Traffic: Scooters are easy to manoeuvre, gliding in and out of traffic at will. This allows you to get to your destination quickly.

Parking: You can fit in a scooter into any space because of its slight build. This allows you to park almost anywhere without fear of violating parking regulations.

Cost:  Scooters are very cheap; you can purchase one for as low as £999. Also, maintenance costs won’t weigh you down.

Fuel Economy:  In Widnes where petrol goes for around £1.25 per litre, a scooter’s fuel efficiency allows you to save on cost.

Why You Should Choose One of Our Scooters

Price: At Direct Bikes, our Widnes scooters are the cheapest in the whole of the UK. We can sell our scooters at affordable rates because we get the bikes for you directly from the manufacturer.

Insurance: We can also help you compare the insurance market to find the cheapest deals.

Variety of Scooters: We also have different colours and designs of scooters, so you’ll certainly find one that suits you.

Getting Your Scooter

To reduce the cost of purchasing a scooter, we have no dealerships in Widnes. However, regardless of your location, we can send it across to you. Simply fill in your delivery information when making payment and we’ll deliver your scooter to you whenever you want.

Why not browse our range of 50ccs and 125ccs today and get the much-needed flexibility and independence?

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