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Tax My Moped

Tax My Moped

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For anyone who owns a moped today, one thing you might not be sure about is taxation. Taxation is a big part of owning any kind of vehicle, especially a moped. For anyone with pervious history of owning a car, you’ll know what you are expecting here. However, the one thing that you will find is that mopeds are generally cheaper to tax than a car.

So, are you wondering ‘how can I tax my moped?’ – if you are, then you are in the right place. At Direct Bikes, we help many people to make smart decisions with regards to taxing their mopeds properly. Now, you can easily buy a moped from our store and get it taxed without any challenges!

Why is moped tax cheaper than car tax?

The main reason comes down to the fact that taxation works differently from one style of vehicle to the next. The tax brackets used to look at cars are broken down by looking at their emissions ratings. As we know now, the world needs us to be more sensible with emissions.

If you need a hand in working out why a moped tax might be so much smaller, it’s down to how taxation works for both vehicle types. With a bike, you are going to be taxed based on the size of your engine as opposed to the size of your emissions. This means that you can get a much more variable price with a car. Even small variances in emissions can lead to big changes to the cost of your taxes.

50cc vs 125cc taxation brackets

Another important thing to note is that cars can be very different. One car might look almost identical to another, but it could have wildly different ratings in emissions. This can lead to huge changes in how your tax brackets are going to work. If you want to avoid that problem, then buying a scooter makes a lot of sense. Why?

Because both our 50cc mopeds and our 125cc scooters are going to fall under the same tax bracket. With a DVLA tax bill for a 50cc or a 125cc scooter, you would pay the exact same fee. So, if you already own a 50cc and you are happy with what you pay in terms of tax then you won’t find your road tax going up very much at all this year.

Add this to the fact that mileage is so great on a scooter, and they are very economic to run!

How much is it to tax my moped?

If you are going to tax a moped, then you need to pay a certain fee. At the time of writing, you will find that your cost for a single 12-month payment for your road tax is going to be around £21F. That’s right - £21!

You could choose to pay this over the 12-month period if you so choose. You don’t have to, though; you could make it with a singular purchase. however, if you do choose to pay it by Direct Debit then you will be charged £21.95 instead. That’s something to consider.

For reference, this would cover up for anything up to a 150cc engine. Anything from 0cc to 150cc would fall in this bracket. So, our 49cc scooters would fall in the same price range as our 50cc and 125cc scooters in regard to taxes.

How do I tax my moped?

Before you go ahead to tax your moped for the first time, you are going to need a few things. The first thing that you are going to need is a motorcycle with a successful MOT. Please note that if you buy a Direct Bikes scooter/moped, it will not need an MOT for three years. The law is that a new moped – i.e. the first time it has been registered – will not need an MOT for three years.

With every purchase at Direct Bikes being brand new, you don’t need to get a valid MOT certificate for three years. After the 3-year period, though, you will need an MOT every year.

What you will need, though, is you will need to have your motorbike registration documents. This is known as your V5C logbook. You also need to have proof of insurance. So, be sure to get your insurance sorted out first and foremost. Once you do that, you can go ahead and get your tax your moped.

Where do I tax my moped?

To actually tax the moped itself, you are going to need to go and visit the DVLA. The easiest way to do this is to go onto the DVLA website. This takes much less time, and you can go through the whole application with a click on the fingers.

Please note that you no longer need to display a tax disc on a motorcycle. This used to be the case as of 2014. You will no longer be sent out a tax disc once you complete the taxation process. It’s simply digitised.

To pay, you need to go to the DVLA website. They should already have you on the system thanks to your MOT and your insurance. Do this, put in the details needed to pay for your bike, and then process the payment via your card details.

You could also pay over the phone. At the time of writing, the number to tax your moped is 0300 130 4321. You can do this over the phone, and you would need your V5C logbook to complete the payment.

Another choice is to pay via the post office. To do this, you would need your MOT certificate and also your logbook as well as the money to pay for the road tax. You can then pay it over the counter, and everything will be sent away for you.

Now that you know about how to go about taxing a moped, you need to make a choice about what to do next. We recommend that you take the time to look at the choices that suit you personally. Should you need any help in taxing a moped bought from Direct Bikes, just contact us today. We can help you to better understand your options.

In terms of the cost, though, you will pay just £21 to tax a moped that we sell.

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