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Moped 50cc UK

Moped 50cc UK

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Considering buying a moped 50cc UK? Then you can buy one from Direct Bikes with ease. Thanks to our store, you can get all the help and information that you need to make sure you buy the right moped. After all, this is likely to be your form of transport for the foreseeable future. Making sure it’s the right kind of vehicle for you is very important indeed. That’s why we recommend that you get a 50cc moped from our store today; you’ll be picking from some of the most reputable scooters that you can find in the UK.

Why should I buy a 50cc moped?

Many reasons exist why going for a 50cc moped would make a lot of sense. For one, they can be extremely easy to get to grips with for a new rider. If you are still new to the idea of riding, then having a 50cc moped can make a lot of sense. They are not only easy to ride, but they are simple to get to grips with. They should provide you with all the help that you need to start learning how to ride from your first opportunity.

With a 50cc moped UK, you aren’t going to need to put in a lot of work to try and get used to how it rides. Instead, you can simply enjoy an easy-going, stress-free experience. Our mopeds are fully automatic, too, so you have even less to worry about when it comes to learning.

What does fully automatic mean?

It means that (most of) our 50cc mopeds are using a fully automatic transmission. These are very easy to drive because they don’t have a gearbox that you need to deal with. That means picking up a moped that you can easily start driving and picking up speed with. It’s a great choice for someone who is looking for a moped that you don’t have to worry about changing gears on.

If dealing with gears is one of the things that would put you off riding a bike, buy a 50cc moped from Direct Bikes. With a 50cc moped from our range, you can enjoy a much simpler, easier riding experience. Because you won’t have to be messing around with gears, you can keep a consistent and steady pace without any issue. That’s why we always recommend that if you want a 50cc moped, you go for an automatic model.

When can I get a moped 50cc UK?

You would be legally permitted to start riding a 50cc moped as soon as you reach the age of 16. You can do this if you go and apply for your provisional driving license and also your Compulsory Basic Training. With both of these, you would be permitted to go on the roads of the UK. However, you do have some limits that you would be expected to stay within. They include:

  • CBT riders – and all 50cc riders – are not permitted to drive on the motorway.
  • You cannot exceed a top speed of 28/30mph on the roads of the UK.
  • You are not allowed to bring a passenger with you on any journey.
  • Nor are you allowed to remove your L plates.

If you wish to change any of that, you will need to go and get your full driving license. 

What is a full moped driving license?

To most, this is known as your AM license. This is the first ‘full’ driving license that you could get. Available from the age of 16, you would need to pass a theory and a practical exam if you wished to pass the test. This would then give you the right to change all of the above in your favour. For example, you could now drive at 30mph without any issue.

You could also start riding your 50cc moped with a pillion passenger on the back of it. You could even remove those L plates if you so choose. Indeed, the only thing that you cannot do with a 50cc moped on an AM license is to drive on the motorway.

With a top speed of 30mph, a moped 50cc UK is simply not going to be fast enough to keep up with the demands of the motorway.

How do I insure my moped?

If you buy a moped from Direct Bikes, then you will have to go and get it insured. If you find insurance to be confusing you, then check out the scooter insurance options that we have on-site. We can point you in the direction of some of the most reputable names in the scooter industry so that you can pick up a better deal on your 50cc moped.

This should help you to get all of the assistance that you need to go and pick up a moped without any issues. If you find it confusing, though, you can talk to us about your insurance options. We can then give you some additional information that may help you to find the ideal 50cc moped for you, as well as an affordable insurance package.

What about taxation?

Yes, you also need to tax your moped. Any road legal vehicle in the UK must be carrying some form of moped insurance. If you choose to get a scooter, then, it is up to you to contact the DVLA and get it taxed. However, given this can be done online via the DVLA website and you can pay a fractional fee of just £19, we recommend getting this solved as soon as you can.

The sooner that you get your bike insured and taxed, the sooner you can start riding it around and enjoying the experience. We recommend that you take the time to look at our 50cc mopeds in the UK, and you can easily find your ideal ride.

Not sure what 50cc to go for? Let us know. With prices starting at just £999 for all of our mopeds, we can make sure that you get a simply tremendous deal. Whatever you are looking for in terms of a moped, we’ll be sure to have it here at Direct Bikes!

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