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Moped 125

Moped 125

  1. Moped 125 Spyder
  2. Moped 125 Milan
  3. Moped 125 Python
  4. Moped 125 Scorpion
  5. Moped 125 Tommy
  6. Moped 125 Cruiser

For anyone looking to buy a moped today, you have quite the selection to pick from. At Direct Bikes, we know that it can be tough to make the investment that you need without information. That’s why every single moped that you look at on our store is as easy to buy as it gets. With our detailed and diverse information packages, we can make sure you are buying a top quality moped today. The only question that you have to think about, then, is what kind of engine speed do you think you would enjoy using most?

For many riders, that would be a moped 125

At Direct Bikes, we have a fine collection of rides to pick from. The first thing we ask someone when they come to speak to us, though, is what kind of top speed they need/want to do. That’s when we can evaluate if you would be best suited to a moped 50, or a moped 125. Luckily, at Direct Bikes we sell both!

With our 125 mopeds starting out at just £1,099, we can make the purchase and investment in a 125cc moped so easy. It’s all about making sure you can buy a brand new moped without having to stretch your finances too much. If you would like some help in making that decision, then we recommend that you look at one of our 125cc mopeds due to their price.

And don’t worry – buying from us means buying a 100% new moped. You aren’t going to need to settle for a second hand moped if you choose to buy from our store. We know that you are paying a good price, albeit one of the best prices on the market. To give you maximum value, we guarantee your new ride is just that – new!

Why does buying new help me so much?

When you choose to buy a new moped from Direct Bikes, you can get the following benefits:

  • The confidence that you have bought a scooter that you know is going to last for long-term.
  • The knowledge that you are investing in a scooter that has a solid reputation UK-wide.
  • Brand new scooter models that you know aren’t going to have any performance issues.
  • No aesthetic damage will be visible, either; every Direct Bikes moped is triple-checked.
  • Improvement in the longevity and lifespan of your moped due to the fact it’s brand new.
  • 1-year warranty as soon as you come to make your purchase, covering unlimited mileage.
  • High efficiency when it comes to the cost of petrol due to the high mileage of our bikes.
  • And much more!

The main thing you will notice with a Direct Bikes scooter, though, is the fact they are so reliable. When you want to drive around on a scooter, it pays to know exactly what you are looking for. With one of our rides, you can get a ride that is comfortable, bump-free, and durable. That’s why so many choose our scooters: they are affordable and reliable!

We make buying a scooter so much easier than it is elsewhere

One thing you will find when you choose to invest in a scooter from Direct Bikes is the quality of our site. Buying through Direct Bikes is a much simpler process than it can be if you choose to make your investment somewhere else. If you choose to pick a scooter from our store, then you will be picking a scooter that can be bought in a few clicks.

That’s right – no haggling, no upsells, no nothing. You simply choose the scooter that you like and pay the price that we charge for it. Then, you just need to put in your delivery location and your delivery method. You will then be given an upfront price so that you know exactly what you are buying.

This will give you the full price. Then, you have to factor into account things like road tax and insurance. If you need any help at all in making that investment, then you should look at our mopeds today!

You’ll find that we have a great collection of 125cc mopeds for you to pick from. On top of that, you’ll get to pick out a model with fully detailed specs. We make sure that when you are making your purchase that you can pick out all of the relevant and important details about the moped to you. So, we make buying your moped 125 a matter of simplicity!

Buying a moped 125 today throughDirect Bikes

One thing that we know a lot of people struggle with when buying a moped is the cost upfront. Even though we have some of the best prices in the industry, we want to make this investment as easy as it can be for you. To do that, we look to use a whole host of functions and features. One such feature, though, is our finance program. By going through our store at Direct Bikes, you can get up to £5,000 borrowed. And fear not; we don’t discriminate based on your credit history.

We can give you as long as sixty months to make the full repayment on that figure, too. Given the price of a 125 moped is just £1,099, you can make a pretty wise investment starting from today. So, with that in mind, why not take a look at our 125cc mopeds and make a wise investment right away?

It’s all about deciding that you know will leave you feeling good. When you make your purchase through our store, you know that you are buying from a safe, secure, legitimate business. We want you to feel comfortable making your investment, too, so we make sure that you can buy a brand new moped 125 without a single issue.

All it takes is a bit of research into each of our models. Should you need any help at all, though, our support team are only a call away. Let us know what you need, and we’ll make sure that we can adhere to those needs in an instant!

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