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Cheap Moped 50cc

Cheap Moped 50cc

  1. Save £400.00 50cc Milan Scooter
    colors2 Colours
    50cc Milan Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  2. Save £300.00 50cc Panther Scooter
    colors4 Colours
    50cc Panther Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  3. Save £300.00 50cc Ninja Scooter
    colors3 Colours
    50cc Ninja Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"


  4. Save £300.00 50cc Tommy Scooter
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    50cc Tommy Scooter
    "Free Top Box And Screen Worth £109.99"


  5. Save £300.00 50cc Viper Scooter
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    50cc Viper Scooter
    "Free Top Box Worth £69.99"



For anyone who is looking to get started on the wonderful world of mopeds, finding your starting place can be tough. There are many excellent 50cc mopeds for sale, but finding a moped that you can afford can be tough work. That’s why if you are looking for a cheap moped 50cc or above in power, we recommend that you know what you are getting with a moped of this size. If you choose to buy through our store at Direct Bikes, you can remove all of the toughness from the buying process.

Thanks to our simple online purchasing of cheap mopeds, you can buy a 50cc moped starting at just £959. By making buying easy and delivery simple, we can make getting into moped riding so much simpler. So, who is a 50cc moped going to be suited to?

Our 50cc range is mostly suited for people of a certain experience level and age range. While often aimed at new riders and those looking for controlled top speed, 50cc mopeds are suitable for any rider.

If you are looking to buy a 50cc moped for yourself or someone else, we recommend that you take a look at our simple guide. When you feel ready to make a purchase, simply hit ‘Add to Cart’ on your chosen 50cc scooter and order!

What is a 50cc moped?

So, it’s important to know about an interesting quirk of terminology when it comes to mopeds and scooters. You often see the word moped used in place of scooter; this happens a lot for various reasons. The most important thing to know, is that a 50cc engine MUST be a moped. It cannot be a scooter, and this comes from the fact that moped means something very specific.

The term moped actually comes from description an engine powered bicycle. It’s always going to be capped at a speed either of 30mph or below that. If it is other 50cc, then it must be classed as a scooter. So, while that’s mostly just a terminology thing, it’s important to know that any cheap moped 50cc or under will be known as a moped, not a scooter.

At Direct Bikes, we sell both 50cc mopeds and 125cc scooters. If you need help differentiating from one model to the next, you need only let us know. All of our bikes come with clear specifications on our website, though, so it should be nice and easy to pick out the details needed. If you are unsure, though, our team will be more than happy to help address any issues you are having. Just let us know: we’re only a call away from offering you our full support!

Why should I buy a 50cc moped?

Our 50cc mopeds are a great purchase for many people, not least because they can be so easy to get to grips with. If you are a beginner to the art of driving a vehicle like a bike or a moped/scooter, then you will absolutely find that a 50cc moped is what you are looking for.

The reason why most would stick with a 50cc number is that they are broadly very safe to drive. 30mph is a speed that you can still feel in total control at, so you have no reason to doubt that you might wind up hurting someone by going too fast. Yes, you still have to be careful, but a 50cc moped is much easier to control than just about any other size of vehicle.

You should also find that most mopeds in this class are going to be quite affordable. It’s easy enough to find a cheap moped at 50cc, too. Take a look at our store, as we have many excellent 50cc scooters for sale.

However, for anyone who is looking for a bit more “roar” from their moped experience, then you might want to look beyond our 50cc range. For those who are new to the moped industry, though, it does make sense to take things slowly.

While you will still pay a fair price for a 50cc moped, you’ll get an excellent value for money deal. With all of our mopeds being brand new, too, you are paying a used-level price for a new vehicle. We always look to give you the best deal at Direct Bikes, so keep that in mind when buying one of our moods. We’ll make sure you can leave our store with a tremendous deal, provided at great value.

What do I need to drive 50cc moped?

So, you cannot just go to the store, buy a cheap 50cc moped, and hop out there into the wider world. If only things were so simple!No, with a 50cc moped you must make sure that you can drive one. These are petrol scooters after all, so you need either a full or limited driving license. What is a limited license, though?

This means going for your Compulsory Basic Training Licensing, or your CBT. Without a CBT, then you cannot ride even a 50cc moped.

Please note, too, that anyone aged 16 will be limited to driving a 50cc moped capped at 30mph, or even 28mph. Once you are over the age of 17, though, things will change for you – you can then drive a more powerful model on your CBT.

However, if you managed to get access to your full driving license prior to February 1st, 2001, then you have something else to consider. anyone who passed at this time, then you will not have to get your CBT license; you will already be able to drive your 50cc moped without L plates on. You would even be allowed to take a passenger on the back of your moped, if you so choose.

Why does this matter? It’s quite simple, really. It means that if you happened to pass the best part of 20 years ago, then you could go out and buy a cheap 50cc moped without having to take any kind of test. However, if you fall outside of this jurisdiction then we recommend that you take a look at getting your CBT and those L plates put on as soon as you can!

If you are looking to make a purchase in a cheap moped 50cc, then come and take a look at our wares today. With some exceptional quality mopes available today, we’ll make sure you can spend less and gain far more back in return. Contact us today, or simply choose to add your ideal vehicle to your cart. We’ll then help you complete the purchase, and have your vehicle delivered in the shortest time frame that we can.

With delivery in 1-3 working days depending on your choice, we’ll ensure you’re on the roads ASAP with your brand new cheap moped.

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