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Are you thinking of trying to buy scooter vehicles for your staff? Are you trying to find an easy way to make getting around easier? Then you are in the right place.

At Direct Bikes, we help people all across the United Kingdom find top quality scooter vehicles to drive. We are here to help everyone from professionals to riding hobbyists. We’ve got a diverse selection of scooters for you to look at through Direct Bikes. All of our scooters are broken down into two models – 50cc, and 125cc.

50cc scooters

If you wish to buy scooter models that are quite easy to drive in a city, then go for a 50cc scooter. Our 50cc scooters are a fine example of the kind of comfortable riding that you could get if you wanted to just drive around a town area. If you are looking to find scooters that youcan use to handle drop off and delivery services, then our 50cc scooters make a fine investment indeed.

Pick up a 50cc scooter, and you will be buying a model that is more than fast enough for inner city driving. The excellent acceleration means that you could go from a standing start to a top speed of 30mph with just a few tugs of the handlebars. Speaking of handlebars, most 50cc mopeds and scooters at Direct Bikes are 100% automatic in transmission.

This means no messing around with a gear box, and no messing about trying to find the right speed setting. Simply pull back on the handlebars and watch the bike pick up the pace as you go through the gears automatically. This means that you can enjoy a very simple and easy driving experience. It allows you to hit a top speed of 30 miles per hour without really having to worry about going too fast or overshooting the intended speed you wanted to drive at.

Since these are capped to around 30mph, you can enjoy driving them from a young age. That is why anyone aged 16+ is legally permitted to take part in bike training. At 16, you could then go and buy a top quality bike to get yourself out on the road. It will ensure that you can get a brilliant bike with a decent top speed, especially for inner city travel. What about when you need to do longer distance travel, though?

125cc scooters

Your next most important speed level would be 125cc scooters. If you wish to buy scooter models that you know youcould use out of town, then you need to step it up from 50cc. 50cc often gives you more than enough speed for driving around high traffic and pedestrian areas. With a top speed of 60mph or above, though, all of our 125cc scooters offer a fine alternative.

You can then drive quickly and easily, making sure that you can easily pick up the pace on motorways and on large open roads. If you want something that you can use in a town or city as easily as you could use it on a motorway, go for a 125cc scooter. Their higher top speed, though, does come with a slightly higher learning curve. Every model Direct Bikes, though, is designed to be as easy as is possible to ride.

Another good thing about getting a 125cc scooter is you don’t have to wait long to start riding one. Since you can start riding a 125cc scooter from the age of 17, you can find that you get a good opportunity to build up some proper riding experience. However, you should definitely take the time to look at the kind of riding experience that you get if you choose to go and ride a scoter at 125cc. It would make a very enjoyable learning experience for any of the drivers that you have as part of your circuit.

For anyone who wants to help start riding outside of one city, though, 50cc engines might not be fast enough. If that is the case, then we highly recommend that you look to buy one of our 125c scooters.

Which models are right for me?

Really, it all comes down to the factors we just discussed above. Given that you should be focused on speed as much as anything else, this should help you to pick out a model that you know is fast enough for your own personal riders.

If you do this, you are much more likely to give bikes that are more suited to your own style. For any rider that wants to make the right choice, you should contact us today. We can help you to work out which scooters are going to be the correct investment for you. You can buy scooter types of both engine sizes directly from Direct Bikes.

This means picking up a top quality scooter that comes with all of the extras you would expect of a modern model. For staff going outside of the city, though, make sure they do so from a 125cc engine at least.

Buying via Direct Bikes

If you are a rider, new or experienced, looking to help make sure youcan drive safely on the road, then you should buy the right quality of bikes. Through Direct Bikes, you are buying brand new bike models which are manufactured in China. They arrive in pristine condition, and they are going to give you plenty of choice to choose from. That’s why we’re the go-to choice of so many riders in the UK!

Why not take a look at each of the models on sale? You might find that certain staff are more suited to particular models. When you want to get your scooter purchased and yourself out there doing the intended job, you should definitely look to buy some bikes. If you are looking to make a wise purchase, then you can do so quickly, safely, and simply through our store.

So, come and take a look at our scooter options today. We can then help you to make a purchase that you will be happy with. It only takes a short conversation with our staff to work out 100% what you are looking for. So, come and speak to us today – we’ll be sure to get you driving around the roads of the UK in no time!

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