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Which Motorbike?

Which Motorbike?

Choosing the right motorbike can be a difficult decision. There are different things to consider, such as your needs, age, and finances. 125cc motorcycles are more expensive to run than scooters, but still considerably cheaper than cars. One of the most important things to consider is how much money you're willing to spend, but working out the answers to each of these factors will help you make the right decision.


Our 125cc motorbikes start at £999 and go all the way to £1,499. The majority of our motorbikes are under £1000, and for that money you'll get a quality vehicle with all of the perks and fuel efficiency you'd expect from a motorbike. There are various different styles available, such as the Eagle motorcycle, which is your classic motorbike shape, or the more expensive Nevada, which looks just like an American cruising bike. All our motorbikes have similar fuel capacity and fuel consumption.


125cc motorbikes are perfect if you plan on making longer journeys, and they are suitable for riding on A-roads because their top speed is around 60mph. If you're looking for an inner-city bike that's suitable for short journeys, it might be worth considering a 125cc scooter instead. However, if you need a vehicle for longer rides and for use on open roads, any of our motorbikes would be perfect for this purpose.


While it's absolutely fine for a 125cc to be your first bike, it might be worth getting some experience on a less powerful model if you're new to the road. Just as with riding a scooter, you can still ride a motorbike after passing a CBT, but the more powerful engine and complicated gears might take some practice. That said, all of our 125cc motorcycles are very easy to use, and are designed for both new and experienced riders.


You have to be at least 17 to ride a 125cc motorbike, whereas for a 50cc scooter you only need to be 16. If you're currently 16, it might be worth investing in a scooter for the time being as this will allow you to gain experience on the road. However, if you're old enough, then a 125cc motorbike makes the perfect transition vehicle for more powerful bikes.


Possibly one of the most important things to consider is how the motorbike looks, and whether it suits your style. Luckily we have a good range of different styles, so you should find something that suits. For example, our Enduro S bike looks just like a Motocross bike, whereas our Storm motorbike has a more classic silhouette.

Getting the right motorbike for your needs can seem like a difficult decision to make, especially seeing as it'll be your vehicle of choice for the next few years. We recommend thinking carefully about your needs and finances before making the decision, but range of motorbikes has models to suit every style and purpose.