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Where can I buy a scooter near me?

Where can I buy a scooter near me?

Buying a scooter can be difficult if you don't live near a dealership. It's possible to think that buying a scooter isn't something that can easily be taken online, but this isn't true. Here at Direct Bikes, we've made the process of buying a scooter online incredibly easy. This guide is designed to help you buy a scooter through our website, and the benefits of doing so.

Why should I buy a scooter from Direct Bikes?

Buying a scooter from us is beneficial for a number of reasons. The main one is that we offer very competitive prices on all of our models, and these are often cheaper than in a physical shop. This is because we buy our scooters directly from the manufacturer, and there are no costs associated with us needing to maintain a showroom to display them in. It also means there's no middle man (the shop) because you deal directly with us. Not only does that save time, it saves money too.

We deliver all of our scooters and motorbikes across the UK, including places like the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man. This means it's never been easier for you to get a scooter if you live in a remote area, and we offer both 3-day and next working day delivery. We've made buying a scooter just as easy as buying anything else online.

The other big reason why it's better to shop with us is that we can help sort out your insurance too. If you're new to the whole system, buying insurance can become very overwhelming, especially when you have to navigate a price comparison website. So when you buy a scooter with us, we use the details you provide to find the best deal on insurance.

How to buy a scooter through Direct Bikes

Buying a scooter with us is incredibly easy, just follow these steps:

  • Choose the model you like, check the price, and add to your basket. You then have the option to continue shopping, or proceed to checkout.
  • Next you select whether you want an extended warranty on your scooter, and if so for how long. On this page you can also select the region we need to deliver to, and the delivery type you want.
  • Once you've done that you need to fill in the details for your delivery and billing addresses. This is important information for us so that we know where to send the scooter.
  • The final step is to enter your payment details and confirm the sale. We'll keep you updated with things like delivery progress, and also give you the option for helping find insurance.

This is a very simple process and no different from buying anything else online. If you have any other questions about which is the right scooter, or details of the payment process, check out our guides and FAQ pages for more information.