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What motorbike can I ride?

What motorbike can I ride?

Unlike driving a car, there are more restrictions on what kind of motorbikes you can ride. Once you've passed your driving test, you can drive any car, regardless of power and engine size. However, with motorbikes, you're restricted by your age and the level of training you've received. This guide gives you some more information about what kind of motorbikes and scooters you can ride based on different factors.


You can start riding scooters at the age of 16, but you're restricted to 50cc scooters. To ride a 50cc scooter, you only need to have passed a CBT, and don't need a full motorbike licence. You will still have to display L-plates on your scooter, and you won't be allowed to carry passengers. While this might seem restrictive, these rules are based on the fact that you don't have the necessary experience to handle a more powerful vehicle. That said, 50cc scooters are a great way to get on the road and start gaining experience for bigger vehicles.

Once you turn 17 you have access to 125cc scooters and motorbikes. Again, you don't need to have passed a full motorbike test to ride these, as a CBT gives you all the training you need. The same restrictions are in place that affect 50cc scooters, so you can't carry passengers. You can take your full motorbike test at 17 though, and this allows you to ride more powerful vehicles. 125cc scooters and motorcycles are the perfect transition vehicle, and give you much more freedom on the road.


As mentioned, the very minimum training you need to ride a scooter is a CBT test. These are only a one-day course, and they teach you all the basic information you need to get on the road. It's nowhere near as intense as learning to drive, but this is mainly because scooters are much simpler to use than a car. You can take a CBT test once you turn 16, and they are valid for two years. Once they expire, you either need to take another CBT or pass your full motorbike test. You won't be allowed to continue riding your bike unless you take either of these options.

Once you turn 17, you can either continue using your CBT, or you can take a full motorbike test. This obviously takes longer than a CBT, but it gives you a lot more information about the road and your vehicle. It also means you're less restricted on the power of your motorbike, and that you can carry passengers. You can also complete advanced CBT training, which might give you a discount on insurance.

One of the main benefits of riding a scooter or motorbike is that it requires less training than driving a car, and you can start a year earlier. However, if you get a full motorbike licence, you'll be able to ride much more powerful bikes, and you won't have to display L-plates.