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What do I need to drive a 125cc scooter UK?

What do I need to drive a 125cc scooter UK?

Scooters are a great choice of road vehicle for those that don't want to run a car. They're cheaper, easier, and more efficient than a car, and they require less training to use. 125cc scooters can only be ridden once you turn 17, but they offer much greater freedom than a 50cc scooter. This guide has all the information you need for getting a scooter on the road in the UK.


The most important thing you need before getting your 125cc scooter on the road is a CBT. This stands for Compulsory Basic Training, and is the minimum amount of knowledge required for being on the road. It typically takes place over one day and you receive a range of practical and theoretical training on riding a scooter. At the end of the day you get signed off by the instructor and are then free to ride a scooter on the road.

The main thing to remember is that a CBT is only valid for two years, after which you'll either need to take another one or get a full motorbike licence in order to stay on the road. Many people just move on to their full motorbike licence when their CBT expires because by this time they're old enough to take it, and have enough experience to pass.

The other thing to remember is that you have to still display L-plates on your scooter. This is because you still haven't technically passed your test and other road users need to be aware of this. It also means you can't carry passengers on the back of your scooter.


Before getting your scooter on the road you'll need to sort out paying road tax. Every vehicle (apart from electric ones) pays road tax, and the amount you pay depends on the type of vehicle you own. Scooters and motorbikes pay considerably less than cars, and this is also dependent on the size of your engine. The current road tax rate for a 125cc moped in the UK is around £21 a year.


The other compulsory purchase is insurance. It is something that everyone has to pay, and is mostly for the benefit of other road users. This is because if you crash into someone they need to be covered for the damage you cause to their vehicle. It's something no one wants to use, but everyone has to have.

A common way to find insurance now is by using price comparison websites. This can be incredibly confusing if you're new to it, and so we take care of this for you. Using the details you provide when buying your scooter we compare the market to find you the best deal on insurance.