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Should I buy a scooter or motorcycle?

Should I buy a scooter or motorcycle?

If you're looking to invest in a cheap and economical vehicle, it might be best to look at a scooter or motorcycle. They are easier to use than a car, provide better fuel economy, and usually have cheaper insurance premiums. However, it can be difficult to decide whether a scooter or motorcycle would better suit your needs. Below is a list of the main things to consider to help you choose which is right for you.

Ease of use

50cc scooters are the easiest to use because you simply get on them and go. What they lack in top speed they make up for in convenience. 125cc scooters use either manual or automatic transmissions, and so make a good transition between an easy-to-use scooter and a more complicated motorcycle.

125cc motorcycles have manual transmissions, with an up and down pedal. While this does make them harder to use, it won't take long to get confident with gear shifting. Having a manual transmission also gives you greater control over your speed.


If you only need something for city riding, or short journeys, it's advisable to buy a 50cc scooter. They're great for getting you from A to B, and you won't be as impacted by its low top speed. 50cc scooters are also a good choice for those that won't be using them every day, as they are cheap to maintain and insure, so you won't be spending loads of money.

However if you need something for longer rides, or use on open roads, it would be best to invest in a 125cc scooter or motorbike. They have a greater top speed and so can be used on A roads and country lanes. They're also the better choice for a long ride, as they have more comfort features and can handle extended use better.


50cc scooters are the best choice if you're completely new to the road. Their ease of use and low top speed make them an ideal choice for young and new riders, as they allow you to concentrate on learning the rules of the road. Once you've gained experience on them, it can be worth looking at moving to a more powerful model.

125cc scooters and motorcycles require more experience, mainly because they have more power and speed. You can't ride a 125cc until you turn 17, so it might be best to use your first year of riding to practice for a bigger model. Once you're confident enough though, these make a great choice for those wanting to move onto more powerful bikes once they've obtained their full licence.

The main things to consider when choosing to buy either a scooter or motorcycle is your confidence on the road, and your need for transportation. If you live in a city and only need to get around, there's little point in buying a faster and more powerful motorbike. The reverse is also true though, as riding a 50cc scooter on an open road can be dangerous for you and other road users.