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Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle Helmet

If you're looking to buy a scooter or motorcycle, it's important to get the right safety gear. The most crucial piece is a helmet. A scooter and motorcycle helmet is designed to protect your head in the event of a crash, and different types offer different levels of protection. Below is a list of the main types of helmet on the market, along with their relevant safety features.

Full Face Helmets

This is what most people will have in mind when they think of a motorcycle helmet. A full face is designed (you guessed it) to protect your whole face. Its chin guard and visor give extra protection that other scooter helmets lack. However, the main drawback with full-face helmets is ventilation. Look for helmets that have vents on the side, and moisture wicking fabric inside. If you're looking for the maximum protection from a helmet, this is your best choice.

Open Face Helmets

Possibly the most common style for scooter riders. Open face helmets have the same structural design as a full face, but don't have a chin guard. Some open face helmets have a visor, whereas others are completely open. They obviously offer less coverage than a full-face helmet, but many people prefer them for the airy feel. If you decide to buy a completely open face helmet, make sure you invest in some high quality goggles, and possibly a scarf.

Modular Helmets

These are essentially a hybrid between open- and full-face helmets. They make a good choice as a scooter helmet, because they're versatile and suit both city riding and cruising. They are the same shape as a full face, but the chin guard either flips up, or comes off entirely. While they are similar in design to a full face, they don't offer as much protection. Although the hinge adds weakness to a solid structure, they are still safer than open face helmets.

Motocross Helmets

Motocross helmets are easily recognisable, and look very similar to normal full-face helmets. They usually have a sun visor, and a more angular chin guard. They are designed to be more lightweight than regular helmets, and are favoured by many for their improved ventilation. However, this means you lose some padding, but shouldn't compromise on safety because of the materials used.

Half Helmets

These offer the least protection, and are the sort of thing you expect chopper riders to wear. They might seem like a suitable choice as a scooter helmet because they're lightweight and portable, but you sacrifice safety as a result. They still protect your head however, usually from the forehead to level with your ears. If you decide to buy a half helmet, make sure you get some eye protection.

They type of helmet you choose will depend mostly on your style of riding and the level of safety you need. For new riders, and those with more powerful vehicles, full face would be best. But if you're more experienced, you could start looking at an open fac