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Motorbikes 125

Motorbikes 125

  1. Motorbikes 125
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    125cc Thunderblade Motorcycle


    £85 /month* klarna
  2. 125cc Assassin Motorcycle
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    125cc Assassin Motorcycle


    £111 /month* klarna

through. At Direct Bikes, we know that looking through brands, engine sizes, prices etc. can be confusing. If you want to make it easier to buy a bike, then we recommend you shop with us. You can buy one of the best motorbikes 125 that you are likely to find anywhere in the United Kingdom. With prices starting at only £1,099, too, we make buying a motorbike nice and easy.

What, though, should you look at?

Which of our bikes are a must-have for a rider today?

The 125cc Eagle

Our most popular motorbike is our 125cc Eagle. The Eagle is a hugely popular motorbike because it gives you everything that you would need from a basic ride. It’s got solid, secure, and safe tired. It has plenty of comfort for you and one other passenger to sit on as you ride. And best of all? It’s got a really stylish, minimalistic body.

If you are trying to get parked up in a tight space, you’ll find the Eagle can fit like a glove. It’s easily one of our most popular bike models, and a hugely successful choice with many riders today. That’s why we recommend that if you want to get a motorbike that you look at what we have in store today. Alongside the Eagle, we have a fine range of more specific bikes.

This, though, is our go-to all-purpose motorbike 125.

The 125cc Daytona

Our next choice for many ambitious riders is the hugely popular 125cc Daytona. It’s the ideal choice of bike for those who want a proper sports bike. Sleek and stylish in the extreme, this carries that minimalistic ‘street fighter’ style. It’s got a very cool looking body, and it’s also got a sports styling that makes it feel very easy indeed to start riding.

One thing you will note with the Daytona is despite its sports profile, it’s not a petrol eater. If you put some petrol into this, it can give you mileage of around 100mpg. That’s tremendous value given the fact it can hit rapid top speeds of up to 60mph. If your aim is to buy a sports bike, then you should absolutely take a look at the Daytona.

For a sports bike with a bit of added panache, start here.

The 125cc Sports RS

Another hugely popular choice from Direct Bikes is our 125cc Sports RS. This motorcycle is the perfect choice for those who want a highly powered motorbike that offers more power. While the majority of our motorbikes 125 are going to come with a top speed of 60mph, this is a touch faster. With a top speed reaching 68mph, it’s an ideal pick for anyone looking for a quality sports bike.

If you are looking to find a sports bike that does not chew up the petrol, though, this is the one for you. Those twin halogen headlights will make sure the road in front of you is always clear, too. For anyone looking to go through a simple riding experience that removes the bumps from the road, be sure to try this out. For a high-speed sports bike, it’s one of the smoothest rides you’ll likely take on!

The 125cc Enduro S

Another one of our bikes that can hit a top speed of 68mph is the 125cc Enduro S. This has become one of our most popular motorbikes 125 due to its sleek, professional look. add to that the impressive top speed and the 5-speed gearbox, and this is a must-have for those looking for a touch more control.

It’s got that rugged look that most people want in a motorbike, and it’s very easy indeed to drive. It’s also a great choice for those who anyone looking for something with a touch more comfort thanks to shock absorption. This can take in much of the impact as you ride, making sure you always feel totally comfortable on a trip.

That’s why we highly recommend that you look at our Enduro S motorbikes 125 today. You should find them great for long-distance, high-intensity motorcycle rides.

The 125cc Nevada

Our most expensive bike is the 125cc Nevada. However, what you are getting with the Nevada is the height of comfort and luxury. It’s built for riders who want to get the rest of the riding population looking at them with envy. It’s the ideal bike for fun and satisfying cruising for you and one other passenger.

However, despite offering great pulling power and plenty of seating room, this is a hugely economically friendly motorbike. It’s effortlessly easy to control, and it gives you all the help that you need to drive with complete and total confidence. If you want to enjoy riding around, then, you want to get a bike that makes you feel 100% confident in yourself.

Bulky yet attractive, the Nevada is the perfect answer to that. For a motorbike that leaves you feeling in total and complete control, be sure to try this beauty out for yourself.

Not sure what motorbikes 125 would suit you?

Then give us a call today!

At Direct Bikes, we love helping our customers pick out their ideal motorbike. We know that most riders have a very specific style and want something to suit said style. We can help you to make that choice by showing you just what makes our motorbikes so special. Call up today, and we can quickly and easily look through every part of your motorbike needs.

Tell us what you want to drive, what you think would be the most enjoyable ride, and what your budget is. we can then help you to arrange every aspect of the purchase so that you get it delivered in just a few short days. At Direct Bikes, we take the pressure out of buying a bike – it’s so much easier buying from us than other stores. Whether you want to complete a quick purchase or you want answers to a specific query, we are more than happy to assist.

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