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How to ride a scooter?

How to ride a scooter?

One of the main benefits of riding a scooter is their ease of use. This makes them a great choice for young people, and those who need experience on the road. Although more powerful models, such as 125cc scooters, use manual gears, 50cc scooters rely on a "twist and go" system. If you're thinking of buying a scooter but want more information on how to ride one, just read this article for all you need to know.

The first step in learning to ride a scooter is to take a CBT test. This stands for Compulsory Basic Training, and is the minimum amount of knowledge required to be allowed on the road. There are different CBTs for 50cc and 125cc scooters, as they require different methods of use. A CBT test only takes one full day and teaches you all the basic information you need for riding a scooter safely. Any good instructor will make sure you're aware of how the scooter works so you can be confident using it on the road.

50cc Scooters

These make an ideal choice for riders new to the road. They are the only things you're allowed to ride at 16, and have a top speed of only 30mph. Most scooters can be de-restricted once you turn 17, but this will only give you an extra 10mph top speed. They make ideal choices for city riding and short journeys, and are incredibly simple to use.

The small engine and low top speed of a 50cc scooter means it doesn't need gears to increase speed. Instead, you simply turn the accelerator and move off. The scooter gradually builds to its top speed, but you can control it either by using the brake or easing off the accelerator. This simple method means you can basically get on a scooter and ride it without any experience, although it might take some time to get used to it.

125cc Scooters

125cc scooters have more complex engines, which gives them a greater top speed than a 50cc. 125s max out at 60mph, and so are more suitable for open roads and longer journeys. You can ride a 125cc scooter once you turn 17, but it might be worth getting experience on a 50cc first to get you used to the road.

A 125cc scooter uses gears, and most have a clutch handle or pedal that allows you to shift up and down. This might take a bit of getting used to if you've never used gears before, but your CBT instructor will provide you with all the relevant information you'll need to ride safely.

Regardless of what engine size you choose, the basic riding principle is the same. Gaining experience on a 50cc scooter can be useful because you don't have to worry about gear shifting, and can concentrate on learning the roads instead. However, if you feel confident on the road and need a faster vehicle, invest in a 125cc scooter and practice with the gears.