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How to fold an electric scooter?

How to fold an electric scooter?

Our electric scooters are designed to be an energy efficient alternative to petrol-powered scooters. They only take a few hours to charge and can travel a surprising distance on a single charge. Also, they only cost a few pence to fill up instead of the several pounds you'd be charged for a tank of petrol.

The M488 folding electric scooter is designed as a toy, and isn't legally allowed on public roads. That said, it's great for using on private land, and is a good way for young people to get practice being in control of a vehicle. It can travel 18 miles on a single charge, and has a top speed of 15mph. One of the best features about it is the ability to fold it in half, making it really easy to store at home or in a car. It's also incredibly light, and so is perfect for carrying too.

To fold the scooter, you simply flick the latch at the bottom of the handlebars. This allows them to fold towards the body of the scooter, and there's even a catch to secure it in place on the rear brake. This means there's no danger of it coming apart while you're carrying it. The whole process can be done in about 3 seconds, making it really quick and easy.

Our Go scooter on the other hand is almost identical in design to a 50cc scooter, and so does not fold up. Because it functions as an actual road vehicle, it's too big and heavy to store anyway, so there's no need for it to fold up. Instead, you'll have to store it in the same places as a normal scooter, such as a garage or on-road parking.

The M488 is a compact and lightweight electric scooter, and is very similar in design to a micro scooter. It's very easy to fold, and this makes it perfect for transportation and storage. Just remember though, you can't use it on public roads or in public spaces. Make sure you find somewhere safe to have fun with it.