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How much is moped tax?

How much is moped tax?

One of the biggest advantages in choosing a moped is that it's very cheap to run. This is true not only when it comes to petrol consumption, but also when it comes to insuring and taxing your moped. Cars are taxed on their CO2 emissions, whereas mopeds are taxed based on their engine size. As a rule, motorbikes with smaller engines are in lower tax brackets than those with bigger engines.

What is road tax?

Road tax was introduced in the UK in 1921 as a way to fund the upkeep of Britain's roads. However, after 1937, all road tax was placed in a central fund and used for various other purposes too. It's a legal requirement for all road vehicles to have valid tax, but since 2014 cars don't need to display them any more. This rule hasn't yet been carried over on to motorbikes however, so make sure you put your tax disc in full display on the front of your moped.

How do I tax my moped?

You can either tax your moped via the post office, who will send all of your forms off to the DVLA. If you choose to do it this way, make sure you do it with plenty of time to spare, as it can take a while to be processed. To do it this way, you'll need proof of valid insurance and your vehicle's registration document (V5C). The easiest and quickest way to do it is online via the DVLA website. For starters, you won't need your documents, as the DVLA will already have this information stored in their files. All you'll need to do is complete a few forms and pay. This also makes renewal considerably easier, as you just log back in and renew.

How much is moped tax?

As mentioned, mopeds are taxed on the size of their engine, but both a 50cc and a 125cc moped they fall into the same tax bracket. To tax either of them for a full year, you can expect to pay around £25. This can either be paid via cheque or card in one go, or you can pay it in 12 monthly instalments. This way does mean you have to pay more, but it's only about an extra pound. Monthly payments can be a much easier way for young people to manage payments, and it's really easy to set up a Direct Debit with the DVLA. Once you've paid, you'll receive your tax disc in the post after a few days. Once you have it, you're officially allowed on the road.

Mopeds are the cheapest vehicles to tax, and this makes them a great choice for young road users. Paying your tax monthly can help you get used to making payments, and is a much easier way to manage it. However, paying in one go means you can forget about it until the next year, which some people might prefer.