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How much is a scooter?

How much is a scooter?

Regardless of their engine size, scooters are a cheaper alternative to driving a car. For the money you'd spend on a brand new scooter, you'd only realistically be able to afford an old or heavily worn car. When you also factor in cheaper insurance, road tax, fuel prices, and upkeep, scooters make a great choice for those needing a cheap vehicle. Below is some information to help you decide how much you should spend on a scooter.

50cc Scooters

50cc scooters are cheaper than 125s, due to the smaller engine and simpler engine structure. You save money with the "twist and go" engine, which doesn't use complex gear mechanisms like a 125cc. The model you decide to buy will also affect the price, with retro and classic style models usually costing a little more than standard models. The lowest you'd pay for a new scooter is £1699, with most models being £1799.

This might seem like a lot of money on paper, but is considerably less than what you'd pay for a car. Insurance on s 50cc scooter is incredibly low, and they have a very high fuel economy. You'll find you only have to fill the tank once every week or two. Also, if you look after your scooter you should get many years of use out of it, giving you great value for money.

125cc Scooters and Motorbikes

Understandably, 125cc scooters are more expensive than 50s. This extra money will get you a more complex engine with gears, and an extra 30mph top speed. Saying this, they cost £999, so the price difference between 50cc and 125cc isn't even that great. 125cc scooters are a good choice for those needing to do longer journeys, and so it's worth investing the extra money for more power and comfort. Insurance is still very low for a 125cc scooter, and if you've been riding a 50cc for a year or two this will have a positive impact on your insurance premiums.

125cc motorcycles are more expensive still. Again, this is because of the complexity of the machine, and most motorbikes will have extra features that scooters lack. The main difference is that motorbikes are designed for long-distance riding, and so will have more comfortable seats and room for pillion passengers. A low-end 125cc scooters costs £1699, which will buy you a nice-looking and efficient vehicle. For £1899 you can get a more sophisticated looking 125cc scooter. The most expensive 125cc scooter on sale is £2,599, which will buy you a maxi style scooter.

Scooters and motorcycles make a great choice for vehicle for people who don't want to sink most of their money into transport. 50cc and 125cc models are ideal for younger riders, as the low initial cost and fuel economy make them very easy to maintain. However, if you're willing to spend a bit more money, you can buy some amazing looking bikes that look like expensive motorbikes.