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How long does it take to charge an electric scooter?

How long does it take to charge an electric scooter?

The main benefit of electric vehicles over petrol is how cheap they are to run. Ask any driver you know and they'll say their main expense is petrol. Because oil is a finite resource, its price will only get higher as demand grows. Electric however can be sourced from sustainable means, and is essentially limitless.

Electric vehicles used to be expensive, but now they're very similar in price to petrol models. They're incredibly easy to charge both at home and on the go, and many have a surprisingly big range on a single charge. The only thing to remember is that once it runs out, you'll need to find a charging station. While these are quite common in big cities, make sure you're not caught out in the middle of nowhere.

How long do they take to charge?

How quickly your electric scooter will charge is based on the model and the reliability of the power source. Public vehicle chargers will likely charge much faster than your mains electricity at home because they're designed for convenience and speed.

Our M488 scooter can be fully charged in 4 hours. As its battery is quite small, it can easily be connected to any power source, and comes with its own charger cable. It also has a battery indicator so you always know how much juice is left. A single charge will last for up to 18 miles, which is a fantastic range considering the size of the scooter. Remember though, this one is only designed as a toy and can't be used on public highways.

Our Go electric scooter is almost identical in design to a petrol-powered scooter, and is road legal. It has a much larger battery than the M488, but this is because it's a much larger vehicle with a higher top speed. The battery can be charged from flat in under 12 hours. The battery can either be removed and charged indoors, or charged while attached to the scooter. This makes it really convenient for charging both at home and on the go.

How often do electric scooters need charging?

How often you charge your scooter depends entirely on your usage. Both of our electric scooters use the same battery technology as your phone, just on a much bigger scale. It's useful to apply the same practice to your scooter battery as you do to your phone to keep it healthy. Don't charge it unless it's flat or nearly flat, and don't keep it connected to a power source for too long after it's fully charged. If you're not going to be using your scooter for a while, charge it every fortnight or so to keep the battery in order.

Electric scooters are a great alternative to petrol vehicles. They're better for the environment and considerably cheaper to run. They can be charged in just a few hours from any electrical source, making them much more convenient too.