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Can I Take a Passenger on a 50cc Moped?

Can I Take a Passenger on a 50cc Moped?

For anyone looking to buy a 50cc moped from Direct Bikes, you have many options to pick from. One of the main reasons why many people choose to buy one of our 50cc mopeds, though, is the simplicity of riding locally. With a top speed of 30mph, they are simply perfect for driving around locally. That’s why so many people choose to get a 50cc bike. They know it’s good for driving in and around their local town, village, city etc.

However, what about bringing someone else? We get asked this all the time. ‘Can I take a passenger on a 50cc moped?’ and the answer can be a little confusing. In this guide, we’ll try and help you to understand the rules around taking a passenger on the back of a 50cc moped. It’s important that you understand these rules, though.

Can I take a passenger on a 50cc moped?

The main thing to say is that yes, you can – but only with the right kind of license. As soon as you buy a 50cc moped from our store, your friends and family will likely want a ride. But you should make sure you are legally allowed to ride around with someone on the bag. So long as you can ride without an L-plate, you can ride with a passenger. However, it’s about making sure your vehicle can handle a passenger and making sure the pillion passenger has a helmet and other safety equipment.

So long as you gained your full car driving license before the 1st February 2001, though, you can ride a 50cc moped with a passenger on the back without needing anything else. You could ride without L-plates, too. If you got your full driving license after the 1st February 2001, though, you need to go and sit your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) examination.

This would mean that you could then bring someone onto the road with you. However, you don’t have a car license, then you cannot take someone on the road with you. The only way that you can have a pillion passenger if you have either your full driving license and your CBT, or your full driving license prior to the 01/02/2001.Keep that in mind, as it’s very important to comply with these rules.

Can I take a passenger with a provisional license and a CBT?

Nope, sorry. You cannot. You will have to drive without a passenger until you can go ahead and get your fulllicense. As such, we would recommend that you go ahead and get a pillion passenger picked up if you have the right license. If you do not have the right license, though, we cannot recommend that you take the risk.

Being caught with a pillion passenger when holding the wrong license could leave you with trouble getting your full license later. Play by the rules, though, and you need only get your full license (and perhaps your CBT) before you can pick-up a passenger.

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