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Can I buy a scooter without a licence?

Can I buy a scooter without a licence?

If you're looking to buy a scooter it can help to have an idea of what you need in place before buying one. It's also worthwhile doing research into what kind of scooter you can ride, and what model would be the most suitable for your needs. We have produced guides on both of these topics to help you decide. One of the other important questions is whether you need a licence to buy a scooter.

The short answer is no, you don't need a licence to actually buy a scooter, but you won't be able to do much until you have some kind of training. One of the benefits of scooters over cars is that you don't need a full licence to ride them; you only need a CBT.

Do you need a CBT to buy a scooter? Again, no, but you won't be able to do much without one. Your CBT is the document that confirms you've had training, and you need one in place to get insurance and road tax. Without these things you won't legally be able to take the scooter on a public road, and so there's little point in buying one.

The thing to remember with a CBT is that it's valid for two years after you complete it, and they only take a day, so it isn't too difficult to get one before buying your scooter. CBT schools are common across the country, and the course is quite cheap. Look in to getting a CBT as soon as possible if you want to ride scooters.

You can obtain a full moped licence at 16, or a full motorbike licence for various engine sizes from the age of 17 and over. The same engine size restrictions apply to these ages as to CBT tests, but having a full licence means you don't need to display L-plates and that you can carry passengers. Once you turn 19, you can sit a motorbike test for even bigger engine sizes, and so many people wait until they turn 19 before actually getting their full licence.

Technically, you don't need either a CBT or a motorbike licence to actually buy a scooter, but you're not going to get very far without them. Seeing as you need these to get the other covers that allow you on the road, your scooter will just be sitting on a driveway until you get them. So even though you don't need a licence to buy a scooter, it can help to have completed some training before buying one.