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James Bond style scooter fires flames to stop cars cutting infront

Anyone tailgating this biker is in for a red-hot surprise after he fitted a 4.5m long (15ft) flame thrower to the back of his scooter.

scooter flames
Fire starter: Colin Furze has built a flame thrower to the back of his scooter, right. The gadget spits out a 4.5m long (15ft) tail of fire

scooter flamesColin Furze built the gadget after becoming fed up with cars cutting him off on the road.

Now drivers who come too close could end up looking like burnt toast.

The plumber, who has a place in Guinness World Records for building a 14m long (46ft) motorbike, needed three attempts for his latest project.

He first tried the gadget out on a BMX, before realising he could adapt the device to a 60mph Direct Bikes sports scooter.

After a month of tinkering – and a few scorched fingers – the biker has fitted a button to the handlebars to trigger the flames while a lever adjusts the angle of the burner.

‘When I fire flames out the back, it makes me feel just like James Bond,’ said the 30-year-old.

‘You could definitely set fire to someone’s car if you wanted to.

But the daredevil from Stamford, Lincolnshire, could have his fun cut short after a police warning.

‘I’ve been told that if I fire the flames while riding on the road, it’s equivalent to using a firearm and I could be in a lot of trouble,’ said Mr Furze.

‘Unfortunately I won’t be able to ride it in town but it’s a lot of fun and I’ll use it off-road.’

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