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Royal Leamington Spa Scooters

Royal Leamington Spa Scooters

Royal Leamington Spa Scooters

Getting around town couldn’t be easier when riding a scooter. Whether you are going to the town centre or riding through Bedford Street, a scooter offers you so much flexibility and ease.  In this article, we look at the benefits of owning a scooter in Royal Leamington Spa and why you should choose one of ours.

Why Own a Scooter in Royal Leamington Spa?

Faster in Traffic: You can easily negotiate your way through traffic if you are riding a scooter compared to a car.

Parking: There are no challenges when parking scooters. You can park your scooter almost anywhere. Also, with parking cost in the town ranging between £3 and £4, you can save money if you own a scooter in Royal Leamington Spa.

Price: Scooters are also very affordable. At Direct Bikes, our scooters prices range between £999 and £1099.

Fuel Economy: A full tank of petrol goes for between £10 and £15 in Royal Leamington Spa. Scooters are very fuel-efficient. Thus, if you own a scooter, you’ll be able to save more money.

Why Choose One of Our Scooters?

Price: Our scooters are extremely cheap. This is mainly because we deal directly with the manufacturer.

Finance Options: We have flexible finance options that enable you to pay in instalments if you cannot pay at once.

Insurance: We also make it easy to insure your scooter by getting you the cheapest insurance policy in the country.

Design: Our scooters come in a variety of designs. So whether you want a 50cc or a 125cc; a retro or sporty design, you’ll find one that suits you.

How Do You Get Your Scooter?

To make scooters available for you at very affordable prices, we deal with you directly and, thus, have no dealerships in the town. Nevertheless, we can deliver your scooter to you no matter your location. Simply fill in your delivery information and you’ll get your scooter on the agreed time and date.

Order one today and cruise the streets of Royal Leamington Spa!